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Now that our blog rules are all set, I'm ready to start passing judgment on the GWoPPers. Hmmm... where to start... where to start?

Let's see. When I was inspired to create this blog, I wanted the name ILLmommy as an homage to PENNmommy who I understand was one of that rag's original founders. But "ILL" didn't mean Illinois as PENN meant Pennsylvania, it meant 'SICK' as in what sort of sadsack makes it their life's work to so publically pass judgment.

Alas, ILLmommy wasn't available so I went with "iwhyawli" which is an acronym for "I wonder how you all will like it".

Raise your hand if you'd like your parenting called into question.
C'mon now. Who's first?

Anyone? Bueller?


Zoey said...

The GWOP Tutorial was the FUNNIEST thing I have seen, heard or read through out this whole debate!

I read many of the blogs but, don’t post at any of them, because my view does not seem to fit anywhere. The standard responses of – hater, jealous, sheeple, they have 8 kids, exploitation, just serve to stifle conversation. I’m not looking for a sycophant fan site, or a hate mongering site. So for what it’s worth here is my opinion.

Since their separation I don’t think Jon Gosselin has done ONE thing that will benefit their children. I think Kate has worked to improve her image as a mother. I don’t know if this has resulted in her becoming a better mother. I know TLC is trying to show this.

I use to watch the show but I was always uncomfortable with the scenes that showed Kate in a bad light. I always felt sorry for her (yes, I felt sorry for the kids too, but this is about Kate) because one day she will reflect on those times and it will hurt her heart to realize those dramatic reactions to the situation (gum gate, cupcake, yelling, icky boys, rudeness, etc) had an effect on her children. Right now is the only chance to change the children’s memories. I wish she would take more time to just cuddle them and let them just be kids. But, that being said, I do think that Kate is funny, pretty, ambitious and clever.

Currently, I think she is not taking a high enough road. My opinion of her has nothing to do with what Jon is doing, my thoughts only reflect on what I have seen/ heard her doing. I see a woman who is dealing with a divorce not unlike many women do, with innuendos and back handed comments. This is not the “high road” this is manipulation. These things do not mean I hate her. I do not know Kate nor do I have a vested interest in the Gosselin family. I just don’t like this behavior, unfortunately many divorced parents do this and it does effect the kids. I think she wanted the divorce; it’s clear she has out grown Jon and had high aspirations. This is not a crime, just own it and be kind to the one you left for it.

When I was watching I thought Jon was an impatient father but he was the one to actually play with them and allow them to be little kids. He tried to be very nurturing. But that is not enough to sustain his children now. In his quest to improve his image and best their mother he has destroyed any civil relationship he may have been able to have with Kate. It does not matter now that their marriage was full of acrimony, he should deal with that behind closed doors, and work towards a harmonious relationship with Kate. His bitterness will infect his children and harm them. It is never easy to be the one left behind but he must deal with it and stop trying to prove that he is wanted by someone.
I feel sorry for neither one; they have both contributed to the destruction of their family.
My measure of a parent is: Would I let them babysit? There is no way I would.
This whole thing started because I LOVED the tutorial and think that is the author’s gift and I would love to see more of those, from your prospective, even if it’s an extreme view - satire is still funny!

Anonymous said...

You can't leave. We love you!!!