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A Case Study in Projection

The current level of GWoP gossip-mongering regarding Jon and Kate's assorted lovers is positively surreal, leaving me to conclude that the GWoPPers won't be 100% happy with their heartfelt crusade against child exploitation until those oh-so exploited Gosselin children also become the product of a broken home.

:: shakes head sadly ::

:: steeples fingers under chin :::

Classic, classic projection.

Why just the other day, I was walking my dear pitbull through the neighborhood when I happened to overhear this GwOPPer and her child talking whilst FiFi crapped on their lawn. I'm totally not kidding you. I'm totally NOT paraphrasing. The following GWoPPer conversation is retold to you verbatim:


Kid: I'm hungry, mommy.
When are you going to log off the computer and make us dinner?

Mom: (seething) Can't you see I'm reading the news?

Kid: About the war in Aff-i-gan-i-stan?

Mom: No, Jon Gosselin is at the mini-mart.

:: kid pauses in confusion ::

Kid: What's he buying, Mommy?

Mom: We don't know, but we're sure it's condoms.

:: kid pauses in confusion ::

Kid: What's a condom, mommy?

Mom: It's a thin sheath of rubber that a man pulls over his penis when he is about to have sexual relations with a women who is not his wife.

:: kid pauses in confusion ::

Kid: C'mon, mommy, I'm hungry. Make us dinner.

Mom: Go to bed.

Kid: But it's only 5 o'clock, mommy!.

Mom: I said GO.TO.BED!

Kid: Wah! Wah! I want Daddy!

Mom: He's at the mini-mart.

:: kid snickers ::

Kid: Buying condoms?


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