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Meet a Savant

According to the GWoP's helpful FAQ document, they're not a bunch of catty nutbags over there -- they're all highly educated professionals. As proof, allow me to post "Steph's" comment in one of the latest threads about Jon's alleged girlfriend.
Steph said :
"There are two ways to look at the brother...either he is trying to get his sister to realize that she is being used OR he is a douchenozzle. They are close enough that they share a house, so I am guessing that he doesn't want his naive sister to get hurt. Which, of course, she will. I don't understand how Deanna, a second grade teacher, could be unaware of the damage this is doing to Madelyn and Cara. Unless she hopes to be involved in their lives one day, and can give them more than Kate--err, the nannies--can."
5/05/2009 10:19 PM

Gee, Steph, this really shouldn't be so hard to understand. Perhaps Deanna doesn't understand the damage her behavior is causing Madelyn and Cara because SHE ISN'T DOING ANYTHING WRONG????

Seriously, Steph, are you a savant ? We typically don't see such thoughtful far-reaching analysis from everyday normal people like us. You've clearly pegged the brother motives. You should be an FBI profiler when you grow up.

One more thing: Can I ask you not to vote in any federal elections?

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