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About time for a new post, eh?

Yeah, today is definitely "way too damned hot outside" and so I am able to pay proper attention to my beloved blog in the full comfort of my air conditioned home whilst the children play at a neighbor's house in the full comfort of their air-conditioned home. It's soooooo damned hot outside that I couldn't even fathom the idea of going into the dirty, grimy city. I'm working (wink, wink) from home.

So, um, what's new with the GWOPPERS? The comments in the previous thread indicate that my BFF Dana Hoffman has been outed as a journalist (cough) who is a tad more than your average, everyday objective journalist. As I understand it, some very helpful person had discovered (and seemingly proven) that Dana likes to post her nastiest anti-Gosselin stuff at some anti-Gosselin blog using a pseudonym.

Gee, I do believe I hear a big old chicken clucking. Is it Dana?

Of course, you may recall my earlier speculation that Dana ---even writing as boring Dana in the Reading newspaper or wherever she submitted her soggy, yellow news stories (cough) --- had more skin in the anti-Gosselin movement than your average, everyday whacko. I mean a normal person just doesn't get upset when a family of 8 buys a 10 person passenger van. So, I am pleased to see now that yes, there is far more to Dana Hoffman's hatred of the Gosselin clan (or Kate) than meets the eye. You'll also recall that I also speculated that Dana Hoffman behaves JUST like one of Jon's spurned lovers.


I wonder why Dana Hoffman hates the Gosselins so much?



Not a Diva said...

No. It really is not true. Matt just is off his meds and or trying to drum up business for his site. Dana Hoffman might be a hater but she is not posting at RWA. That was just the "divas" at RWA thinking they were funny and playing with Matt.

Matt Heckman's blog is worth visiting said...

People might not agree or like Matt Heckman very much but the man sure does know how to put his foot to the asses of all the fools in the Gosselin blogosphere.

Here is the link to his site. Let's give him our support in the battle against the evil lunatic fringe.

ladeedah said...

I've said from the get go that Diana had something going on with Jon, once upon a time. Could she be the woman Jon dumped for KATE???? Ohh... I bet that's the piss in her corn flakes. LOL....!!!!

I Can't Stand Those Hateful Bitches! said...

I visit your site several times a week. I'm glad to see you are back. Dana Hoffman sounds like a bitch that is a bully. I don't understand why she would begrudge or want to deny a family that was in need of the gifts given to the Gosselins because their family wss blessed with a rare gift: sextuplets. I think everybody should have a RIGHT to life, including unborn babies. And even though Kate could have died or suffered serious health issues she chose to give all her babies life.

That bitch Dana Hoffman is just an unhappy and probably a very envious person. You know, just like those Gwopper bitches and their posse. I am talking about the ugly ass witches of the east, Jodi and Julie, Snarla/Snarky, Maggot and Kate's spineless backstabbing brother, Kevin. All of these motherfuckers are exploiting the Gosselins in one way or another under the guise of advocating for Jon and Kate's children.

First, it was the way Kate spoke to Jon. That shit is OVER! Then after Jon stole the 235k, Kate was whining and playing the victim. Mind you, thieving and lying ass Jon left them high and dry. Then the haters want to tell Kate how to raise her children. Then it was how dare Kate want to achieve her American dream by earning more money and maintaining her and her children lifestyle. Remember the mantra: Kate should be a nurse and earn 60,000 to 80,000 year instead of trying to have a career in TV. Kate should be a mother instead of pursuing "fame" (I guess if you want a career in TV you are money hungry and a fame whore). The haters talk about her body (ie., toes, titties, botox,waistline, thighs, legs or whatever). Last but not least, her clothes. I am aghast and WHAT THE FUCK!

I look forward to you bringing to the light their bullshit. Keep it up. They think their shit don't stink!

FYI - The other day I posted on a hate Kate blog that "JoKe" paid off their mortgage for their home by exploiting the Gosselins. The blog admin replied I must be you.

momsby said...

Hmmm, interesting theory Iwhy I don't know a whole lot about Dana Hoffman. Would anyone care to fill me in? I've always kind of thought Al W acted a little like a spurned lover too, with the picture taking & tree climbing and general stalking;0