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So ... um, did ya miss me?

ok, Probably not.

Iwhyawli's been away for a long, long time. Almost forgot my password again. I've recieved a few emails (presumably from GWOPPERS) asking me to weigh in on expelgate, but I realized yeah, I have nothing to weigh in on.

Wait. Okay. I will weigh in.

Hey GWOPPERS, I offer you two options:

Option A: send me copies of your kids' report cards and I'll weigh in on those


Option B: mind your own business.

I don't know much about expelgate except the GWOPPERS seem to think Kate is lieing about it. There's an opposing story from one of those anonymous insiders who not only knows the TRUTH but also (and not coincidentally) apparently breeds a whole lot of hatred. If I'm not mistaken, one of the little hate puppies might even be named Lil Cousin Benny.

Now y'all know that I don't have a single second of experience in school adminstration, but I am exceptionally talented in the common sense area. And I feel pretty confident that no private school is going to "expel" two kids when the parents might also opt to yank the other 6 tuitions. People willing to pay private tuition for even 1 kid is just too hard to come by these days.

So that's all I have to say about that. I'm feeling much more inclined to weigh in on the creepy WikiLeaks guy, who surely must be a GWOPPER given his love for sharing the TRUTH. I just finished reading his internet dating advertisement from 2006. BWAHAAHAAHAAHAAA !!! Too funny. If that ad didn't exactly personify the losers/serialkillers who have to find their "girlfriends" on the internet, I don't what does. When he wrote "Don't write me if your timid. Only write me if your brave." I feel certain he meant "Only write me if you're strong enough to defend yourself should I suddenly wig out and decide to cut your body up into small parts and stuff them into my mother's prized collection of felted purses."

I'm sure you'll tell me I'm wrong but I thank g_d everyday that I grew up, dated and married before this whole Internet dating thing caught on. It just seems so much easier (and safer) to leave your house every once and a while and meet people face-to-face.


Anonymous said...

Girl, if anything ever happened to my hot husband there is no way I'm putting myself back out there, No way. What if you ended up with the ex of a gwopper? NASTEEEEEE, ain't taking any chances of hitting that !

Anonymous said...

I missed you! Seeing as you are still doing this silly GWOPPER thing I'm too embarrassed to admit it however. GWOP is deader than dead. Almost everyone has moved on. How about you? The real crazies are the Kate fans who attack, attack and attack if anyone dares to suggest their queen isn't perfect. The funniest thing is that the way they defend their queen is by saying that she isn't perfect. Go figure!

Anyways you should give up this GWOP thing and do a blog to talk about anything you want to talk about cause your funny and smart. If you start a new blog make sure to redirect us to it. I would love to hear about your thoughts on wikileaks guy and other news and entertainment. You are a good writer when you're not pandering to the 10 Kate fans left.

PeggyP said...

Did you see the story on Imperfect Woman about the rewrite on an INFDaily story to change it from a relatively neutral about Kate slant + referring to rumors that Jon's the leaker (I prefer source; leaker gives too much credibility) to one that trashes Kate & fawns on Jon. Unfortunately for INF someone on IW caught it and got in on screen shot before the edit. Presumably, INF doesn't want to alienate Jon & Ellen & eliminate the source of all those Gosselin items and pap opportunities.

It's beyond belief that anyone could be so blinded by hate and spite that they would throw 2 6 year olds under the school bus to get at their mother.

Puff said..., yes indeed I missed you and your hilarious viewpoints. Please don't stay away so long again., Merry Christmas!

Marissa said...

Iwhyawli, I don't think Gwoppers date at all, let alone internet dating. The only date they know (and it's stretching) is the time and date.

I can't believe those morons are still spewing their hate. Isn't time they bathe?

Anonymous said...

Do you think INF cares if some IW chick with nothing better to do catches them in a lie? INF is a gossip site. They have no integrity and this supposed gotcha moment won't get them sued. INF and ROL laugh and laugh at Kate's fans and Kate's haters because they are all overinvested crazies. How much time do you spend per day on defending around the internet Kate PeggyP? You ladies are fighting for a woman who uses her kids to promote her career and the only defense of her you have is that Jon is worse. Keep holding your heads up high IW ladies. You are fighting the not so good fight.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty funny that the haters are still blaming Kate supporters and singing their same old song about Kate being the Queen. Now everyone with an ounce of common sense knows that Kate is not the Queen and that there are more than 10 Kate fans!

I do agree that you are funnier than all that and love reading your writing!

ZiggyFlo said...

Yes, you are blessed with a fine set of commone sense. Nothing beats good old common sense. Though you don't post often, I aways enjoy your post and get a kick out of them.

I miss U said...

Please come back.

Anonymous said...

We miss you, we really miss you! Are you ever coming back out to play?