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Does Jennifer Grey Have a Bad Neck?

I'm not sure. She's only mentioned it 945,000 times since the last commercial break.
I'd be voting for Bristol Palin right now but is having some sort of login difficulty right Quelle surprise.

Other random thoughts:

1. Far be it from me to judge any person or any lifestyle, so I won't. But for a group of sister wives who insist their lifestyle choices make them happy and better people, they sure spend a whole lot of time crying, whining, being angry, feeling lonely, feeling confused, feeling jealous, feeling sorry for themselves, second-guessing themselves, feeling gypped, sizing themselves up, fending for their due, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Ay-yi-yi.

Now me, I don't have any sister wives. But I also don't feel any of what they're feeling on a routine basis.

2. Skating with the Stars? Ugh. Is anyone in Hollywood familiar with the phrase "beating a dead horse?" Excuse me whilst I rush over to my copyright attorney with a few fresh ideas:

Roller skating with the Stars
Synchronized Swmming with the Stars
Tumbling Runs with the Stars
Cheerleading with the Stars
Shriner Cars with the Stars
Wii Fitness with the Stars

This show is so painful I can't believe they won't yank it off the air in three weeks.


iwhyawli said...

Say I wonder how the other people fared in that car accident? Oh yeah, that's right. They're dead.

To constantly revisit that tragedy -- A TRAGEDY YOUR CAR CAUSED -- where the other people involved didn't make it out alive as a campaign for solicting sympathy votes on a Reality TV show is the epitome of self-absorbed trash. Sorry.

Still fuming about that. Had to get it out.

Anonymous said...

Far be it from you to judge? That's all you do.

Kelly, just shut up and go away. That would be the best service you could provide. Kate has shown her true self and so have you.

Anonymous said...

Still just you and yourself? Give it up creep.

Sheryl said...

Man is this woman all about herself or what!? I feel sorry for her little girl =( She's not married to the child's Father? He sure looked a little frazzled when the camera was on him--hmmm!?

Anonymous said...

No one cares. No one cares. No one cares. Your queen and idol is washed up. Go find a new hobby, Kelly.

iwhyawli said...

who the heck is Kelly?

Kelly said...

Wow. I'm Kelly. How did Anonymous find me here? I have been running all over the Internet trying to get away from her. She keeps chasing me screaming, "No one cares! No one cares! No one cares!"

Why do I think she still cares?

Veronica said...

I was sick of Jennifer Grey and her complaining all the time. What really ticked me off was she always brought up Patrick Swayze at the most opportune times for a sympathy vote. I called it "the Swayze factor".

Goodbye Jennifer!

Jordan said...

Wow anonymous, you have real issues!!

Anonymous said...

It all worked out fine. Bristol should be proud. She did really well and improved every week. Yeah, some people voted her because they like her mom. So what?

I was rooting for Kyle, but Jennifer (despite her relentless repeating of her various maladies) was the best left on the floor.

Nothing to say about Kate? Glad she got a chance to set the record straight with a reputable news source.