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WANTED: Attorney

Unfortunately, I have an annoying tendancy to do the right thing by people, obey the law, avoid conflict, and abide my contractual committments even when they're not really contracts at all.

So no worries, iwhyawli doesn't really need an attorney, but if I did, I think I would hire the novice attorney who advertises himself/herself to be a complete pushover in the courtroom with only a surface level knowledge of the law. I know they must be out there somewhere.

In the 5/1 Open Discussion thread, Jenny wrote an entire book and then toward the bottom, we can see that things look bad for Kate's upcoming custody battles.

Jenny said...

Btw, I know he fired his attorney (List) but I just read somewhere that he's hired a well known, aggressive Philadelphia attorney whose specialty is custody law. I forget her name but apparently she knows her stuff and is a real bulldog in the courtroom and doesn't let anything get by her. That's the last I heard...and that he's also "trying to work things out amicably with Kate." If that's the case...not sure why he'd go ahead and hire an attorney...but anyway, that's all I've heard about it so just wanted to mention it. Maybe I'm missing some more news on it.

4/30/2010 9:20 PM

One of iwhyawli's favorite TV shows used to be Boston Legal so I happen to know a little bit about the legal industry, and every industry has its own lexicon. In a real estate listing, for example, the word "charming" means "about to fall down" and in the health field, "nutricious " means "you'll crap for a week". Well, in the legal field, "high-powered" happens to mean "giant obnoxious and self-absorbed jackass."


Deborah said...

I understand the Bloggen Lawyer is formally Dew from GWoP.
Now who could help the Gosselin children more than a true Child Advocate.

Anonymous said...

Like Jenny, I couldn't tell whether Jon's new high-powered Philadelphia attorney was a male or female either.

mdew said...

Sharla must be on vacation. In a thread titled "Open Discussion 5/1", Jenny clearly posted a comment dated April 30th.

Something like that would have never happened under the real Maggie's watch.

Deborah said...

Dear iwhyawli,
I understand if you don't want to show my other comments but the radio blog interview is worth listening to.
I couldn't get the link to work in the ad I sent you but this one does.

Deborah said...

Sorry, That link might not be the one that was the most telling about what a bitch she is. Now some of the links that I had she made private so I'm kind of lost.
I don't know who outed her but she knows about it and has not said a word about it.
The nosy neighbor(Small Town) got a little threat yesterday and I was hopping it was a higher force that was going to go after both of them. A girl can dream ;-)
I sent all the info I could find to the Boards but haven't gotten a reply. I sent it to Dwanollah

Deborah said...

Toward the end of the interview now she's talking about Jon and Kate
so do listen.

Anonymous said...

Gwop must have eaten the mother of all "healthy" foods then. Their keyboards have been crapping non stop for years now.

Dew Drop said...

Need a lawyer? Have I got a lawyer for you!

The bloggin lawyer can use the work. Her full-time 9 to 5 leaves her so much time she shows up to harrass Kate Gosselin at book signings during the work day. She could use the extra cash to pay down her debt or get her nose fixed so she can get a boyfriend already.

iwhyawli said...

ha ha ha I heard a rumour the blogging lawyer (rolls eyes) has ads on her blog. If Jon and Kate are going to "make money off the backs of eight kids" (her words, not mind) well heck, she may as well too.

One can even solicit secret Gosselin tips to her. But sadly, you'll submit those tips for free, of course and out the goodness of her heart... in the name of child advocacy. You see, Only Jon, Kate and the Blogging Lawyer are supposed to making money off those kis, not you.

Anonymous said...

The Bloggin Neighbor is even more horrid!!! She is a mom, a Counsler/Therapist
and a Life Coach.

watch out for Jen D said...

Jupiter said...
wow Sage. I am very glad you posted that.

I don't think of you as a mindless sheeple and I have a lot of respect for you and many of the posters here.

May 2, 2010 5:52 PM

ZiggyFlo said...

I was going to start a petition to send to Amazon, B & N, and the publishers of Kate's book asking for certain types of 'fake' reviews to be removed.
This is what I ran into:

If you read Kate's book and liked it, please go post a positive review. This is disgusting what the haters have done to the sell of her book!

iwhyawli said...

You don't say. I don't believe I've ever read a book review at

Someday the creeples will realize that their antics only serve to put more money in Kate's pockets.

gwop investigator said...

Sharla Smith IS on a mini blogging vacation. Sources close to her said that she and her live in sexual servant-gardener-handyman Pedro went to Las Vegas. Rumor has it that Sharla is trying to hit every "all you can eat" buffet on the Vegas strip before returning to sunny San Diego.

For readers not familiar with the love story of Sharla Smith and Pedro I found this post in the gwopwop archives... enjoy!

Pedro's friend said...
Sharla/Peri/MamaCat's "cat" Mr.Cat is not really a cat. "Mr.Cat" is really an 55 year old man named Pedro who is also her gardener/handyman/maid/lover. Sharla found out that he illegally crossed the border into San Diego and has blackmailed the poor man into making him perform dirty jobs like degreasing her bathtub, cleaning her toilet, cleaning her deep fryer, cleaning out the gutters, picking up dog poop in her yard, vacuuming food crumbs and body hairs out of her bed, changing her sheets and making love to her. Sharla likes to have sex missionary style, face to face, which I think is the dirtiest thing she makes Pedro do.

November 25, 2009 6:29 PM

momsby said...

GWOP Investigator...
LOL,LOL,LOL, I must remember not to read you & drink DP at the same time.:) Um, thanks for the 411 on Pedro, poor man. Pedro if you can make it to the Canadian border buddy, we'll help you out. The underground railway, is a proud part of our heritage.