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I can't help but notice that the Dow plunged yesterday.

Kate getting the boot from DWTS followed by another sudden downturn in the economy can't be a coincidence.

Case in Point: When Kate was on the show, I would DRIVE to/from work on Mondays and Tuesdays just to make certain I was ass-in-chair by showtime. But this week, I'm back to taking the train and I missed both episodes. That's a savings of $40 per day in parking, tolls and at least one -half tank of gas. It won't be long before we're reading about mass layoffs again.

Let's also not forget the dramatic reduction in text messaging fees that this week brings.

I blame GWOP.


Anonymous said...

Let's all hope and pray that the all powerful, all knowing, in charge of the world, anti GWOP, TLC & Discovery Network steps up and saves us all from total destruction.

Sandy said...

I didn't watch either. What's the point when it's just a matter of narrowing it down to the best of the pros.
I think they have gone overboard with the dances, however. Too much chance of people getting hurt---and they are. Sickening.
Also, more clothes are needed.

momsby said...

When we were looking at houses to buy a few months ago. My mother actually spoke the words..Really, do you need a house that big? You, kids shared a bedroom & did not have all those extra rooms to play in. How will you keep it clean? You do realize it's located on what is considered snob hill, dear? My reply...Have you been reading GWOP? Of course it went over her head & of course it's the house we bought. Now, we are going into a realestate decline in Canada. People are paying much less for houses than 6 months ago & not buying larger homes. I'm blaming GWOP, for their downsize the McMansion crappy crusade.
P.S. My mom came to her senses after the first family get together. The large playroom & 5 bedrooms are now fantastic in her opinion. I get to be the host every year! Lucky me...I sure showed her:)

momsby said...

Oh and what was my point again...I did not watch DWTS & I really like to blame as many social ill's on GWOP as possible. It amuses me, for some strange reason.

Sharla Smith's biographer said...

Sharla Smith is trying to stimulate the economy by doing a little traveling. Rumor has it she likes going to Mexico for a little sex. Here is some footage of her returning from Mexico and going through US Customs.

Sharla Smith at the airport

gwop historian said...

I heard it through the Gwopvine that Sharla Smith went to the navy and volunteered to go down to Guantanamo Bay to help interrogate terrorists. Before Sharla could explain how she brought down Kate Gosselin, the navy officer took one look at her and said that judging by her face her naked body could probably break the spirit of most men but the Geneva Convention doesn’t allow torture. Sadened and disappointed Sharla went back to her trailerpark in San Diego.


momsby said...

There is a woman running around saying it's a proven fact TLC pay's for positive reviews...sorry guy's I guess I should have inserted "eyerolls" in my job application. I wondered how long it would take for it to become a known fact...Wonder if it's the same Brother who said NO, celeb's are ever given VIP treatment at Disney..
I'm thinking of more rumours to start, that will make the little hater monkey's dance. It's just so much fun!(Seriously, do they ever check any of these fact's, before they run with them?)
To SSB & GWOP Historian LMAO very funny stuff, some day's it's just to easy:)

Anonymous said...

LMAO! If there were money in making positive comments about Kate on blogs, we'd see this mass exit of haters who suddenly turn over a new positive, pro-Kate stance.

What fat assed, ignorant, obessed woman can't use more Twinkie and Donut money?