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iwhyawli's Point CounterPoint on Pointillism

Is no fine art form safe from GWOP's hatchet?

First, we all much enjoyed GWOP's total misinterpretations of the Truman Show. Then ChurchMouse pops up to misconstrue Louisa May Alcott's viewpoint in "Little Women". And now, most recently, we have Sharla and 'Annie Louise' (wink wink) relying upon neoimpressionist technique as further evidence that Kate Gosselin is the world's crappiest mom.

I stumbled on this week's GWOP's main page post by 'Annie Louise' (wink wink) when I was over there copying Sharla's Mother's Day picture. Apparently, only people who took an art history class would know what pointillism is. :: a million eye rolls ::


Kate's Behavior as Art by Annie Louise

Once again, this falls into the “why was I using any brain cells even thinking of this?” category. But something occurred to me about how people here are so criticized by the sheeple for the way we point out seemingly small things about Kate. They think we pick on her for things that don’t matter. But it’s actually a lot like pointillism (welcome back to art history class, folks.)

You know it – the style of art (Georges Seurat, etc.) in which the artist uses small dots of paint. Viewed up close, it looks like random little blobs. You step back a bit, and a whole, very cohesive picture appears. (pixels on an LCD TV work the same way to form an image.)So while we may talk about little “dots” a good deal of the time – hair extensions, a scowly photo, a cackly laugh, a sick tup on the laundry room floor, “come and get your popcorn,” a book tour away from the kids – we’re all keenly aware of the big picture those things form. Taken by themselves, I don’t think anyone would think twice about one of the “dots.” But each one fits into the big picture, and it’s a damn ugly and disturbing one.She just keeps supplying us with dot after dot to add to the picture, doesn’t she?

Thank you Annie Louise

Posted by Sharla on 05/06/2010


Dear Annie Louise (wink, wink):

You ignorant slut. I know you weren't talking to me in your ... um, very provocative essay because ... um, I am not a sheeple. I wouldn't have the foggiest clue what Kate Gosselin or her kids were doing if it weren't for your ilk following her around like lost puppies. But allow me anyway, if you will, to point counterpoint your completely stupid post.

First a correction: Y'all don't 'seemingly' point out small things about Kate. There's no question about it. You DO point out small things about Kate. You all do it every day, all day.

And yes, we gwopwoppers totally get that you do it to "paint" a picture of Kate -- a very unflattering one. We also get that you're 100% physically and psychologically incapable of painting your picture using any sort of positive strokes and bright colors.

I won't speak for other gwopwoppers, but what strikes *ME* as so completely oddball about you and your [holds nose]kind[hold nose] is that you're bothering to paint a picture at all--- even if it were by some miracle a totally positive picture.

I'm not sure I can't state this any more clearly than I've already tried to state a hundred mission times, but normal people do not sit around and scrutinize, analzye and judge every last detail of another person's life. Normal people worry only about their own lives, their own happiness and their own love offerings.

In the spectrum of life, people can be classified by three personality types: fans, normal people and psychos. I don't "get" fandom myself. Sure, there are lots of people, restaurants, books, songs, ideas, etc. that I admire but aside from the occassional rant on this here gwopwop blog -- the only way any celebrity will ever know how I feel about them is if THEY walk up to ME on the street and ask me. Fans, for whatever reason feel its necessary to go the extra mile and show their appreciation. All in all, fandom is apparently fun for the fans, seems completely harmless and is perhaps flattering, rewarding or motivating to the celebrity. Normal people, like me, just quietly buy their stuff, or not, and move on with life. Psychos try to inflict personal harm and injury on the object of their affection.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: YOU GWOPPERS ARE PSYCHOTIC!

Seurat's magnificent paintings represent his scientific experiments with color. He wasn't using dots to communicate the solution for world harmony in secret code. If he knew that highly paid professional sots like 'Anna Louise; (wink, wink) would one day misrepresent the significance of his work and color discoveries as a vehicle for crucifying someone, he probably would have taken a blow torch to A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte and never painted again.

If Anna Louise (wink, wink) actually did take an art history course, I'm betting she flunked it.


Quiltart said...

Perfectly perfect comments, IWHY! YOU have connected the dots, as usual!

Vincent said...

Each little post, each comment, each seemingly insignificant screen name here would not call into question any one tiny idea at Gwop. But taken as a whole, as one steps back and considers the entire body of work that is Gwop, the lost threads from Julie's blog, the outing of Peri as Sharla, the pics of fat cows culled from the Gwop facebook pages, a larger more significant picture emerges. That picture, that important message, speaks to the reader of an unmistaken truth
---> Gwoppers are pathetic love starved losers.

I have never enjoyed watching a picture take shape more than reading here.

iwhyawli said...

Yo Annie Louise, please read and -re-read Vincent's comment carefully. He turned the tables on you --- which is what we do here at gwopwop -- using your own argument BUT without dragging poor old Georges Seurat into it or making anyone wonder if they should demand a refund for their art history course.

I wonder how you all will like that, Annie? Brilliant work, Vincent.


I have NEVER understood why a bunch of stupid bitches nitpick about the most trivial and mundane things regarding Kate Gosselin! These same "Christian" bitches also critizize Kate for quoting a passage from the Bible in her latest book. Now, for a reason unknown to me except for focused bullying and hate, Kate's life is explained by an artist's painting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you lot are the ones that are nuts! I hope this blog gets shut down, because the way you talk Sharla is certainly creepy.

Gwoppers are not loved starved losers, that would be THIS blog because they want attention so badly!

iwhyawli said...

honey, if you think that way I TALK about Sharla is creepy, you definitely don't want to know what I THINK about Sharla.

Deborah said...

Ahh iwhyawli,
Tell us what you really THINK about Sharla, I mean don't hold back. Sharla runs a bunch of freaks, the biggest JOKE on the net. Even the other more respectable(NOT) hate sites (BL,BN) took GWoP out of their side bars. What does this tell you about Sharla and her herd of cows. Even the crappies disowned them

Beach2Much said...

Thank you oh great powers that be. Giving Snarla and her big gerlz dots to connect is the same as throwing Rubiks cubes in the primate cage at the zoo. GREAT ENTERTAINMENT !

Anonymous said...


Just saw a promo on TLC for Summer Premiere Week. Memorial Day Weekend....

The return of "Kate Plus 8"!

The GWOPpers are going to go ape-sh*t. LOL

I'm psyched. Miss the kids. Happy for Kate. Jon's a useless tool.