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Bizarro GWOP Analogies

Yeah, nobody can turn a phrase like the GWOPPERS*. I'm gonna use this thread for all the oddball analogies I find at GWOP that just don't seem to pack the punch they hoped for.

Here's a prime example from Shoshanna:

Kate, dancing?

Like watching the Tin Man in a blond wig.

Keep in mind we're now on Week 4 almost Week 5 past the last aired episode and the GWOPPERS are still gwopping.

*Note to GWOPPERS: This is another example of sarcasm.


Plato said...

When what you say about others says something about you

Kant said...

You may be a GWOPPER if...
- Analogy of a Gwopper

you say in the mirror Holy batshit Sharla and Serena
- monkey see monkey do, or is it see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil

Allison said...


My name is Allison and I've just been accused of being Iwhy on another blog. I came over here to read....And now I realize what a compliment it is to be called "Iwhy". You are much funnier than me, and I tend to cuss when being cyber bullied or harassed by Gwopers.

I love your site. And Iwhy if someone calls you "Allison" well that would be me. LOL.

Great site!

Anonymous said...

has a fair assessment of the GWOPPERS without having to read GWOP.

Anonymous said...

Allison, they are paranoid like that. It just goes to show you that they suck at playing their Private Gumshoe Game. They just make up BS and have conspiracy theories. They are so loony and the MOST INSANE. They always think they know it all and their posts and blogs just show really how little they know.

Ignorance breeds ignorance and they get the title for MOST INSANE AND MOST INGNORANT!

Anonymous said...

Serena Leigh Bell....weeks ago......
My mother and father raised 3 children in rural St Louis. They were actually half brother and sister but they didn't know that on account of their father being a philanderer and a good liar. Anyhoos they only had a double wide trailer and what was once a former diary farm pasture. We grew up without much toys, but with lots of cow patties around and some natural clay we made all kinds of fun stuff like pots, toy soldiers, injuns and cowboys etc etc. Yep. There was a lot of love goin on in our trailer. Lots of fond memories. Too bad that the Gosselin children won't know any of that. They have been spoiled on riches and such. Spoiling your kids is the same as child abuse in my book. Yep.

hmmmmmm said...

Did you notice that since Jon was ordered by the court to stop talking to the press that there are no pics of him, but more importantly no pics of Kate and kids?

I've always thought that he was the one who tipped off the paparazzi about the family's comings and goings in exchange for cash.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a thread on all the crazy gwopper conspiracy theories, ie:

Kate's a lesbian with that Jamie chick

TLC is trying to ruin Jon by hiring sheeple to destroy his apartment

Hailey works for TLC and only hooked up with Jon because they paid her to*

Kate had the tups on purpose to become a famous reality tv star

*I would assume that any other woman would have to be paid to sleep with Jon, so this only counts as a CGCT because they're talking about Hailey.