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Roll Call

Let's see ... it's been a full two days since the last episode so I took a quick check to see if GWOP and Truth Breeds Complete and Total Transparency are still open for business.

Yep. They are. No surprises there.

Sharla even plans to keep GWOP open for as long as people still want to talk about the Gosselins. Never let it be said that Sharla's not a public servant. A true world humanitarian that one. By talk, of course, she meant 'exploit' because when you continue to beat a dead horse it becomes its own form of exploitation. Yeah, if anyone exploited the Gosselin kids for their own enjoyment, it was Sharla, Julie and Jodi. But heck, when you're such a staunch child advocate as they are (cough), I suppose the boundaries of child exploitation get a little blurry. It's sorta like when the pro-lifers blow up the abortion clinics and kill everyone inside them.

I won't mention that the filming of new episodes actually stopped ages ago but then GWOP and Truth Breeds a Bunch of Jealous Little Brats in Maryland were never really about child advocacy in the first place.

As I suspected, our life happily continues here even though the show is now over. Unfortunately, Dancing with the Stars is now over too so it appears we're stuck with Monday Nite Football or whatever gory crime scene show is on the other channels. I'm even sick of "Designed to Sell." The fate of cable TV in this household is dire. Stacey, Clinton and Candace Olson are the only folks currently saving it. Okay, props to the Food Network too.

If Kate plus 8 comes back on the air, I'd like to see more "fun stuff to do at or near home with kids" episodes (like the backyard camping and Emeril cooking episode) and less luxury vacations. We don't have a dairy farm in our backyard but I did find one a few hours away that gives tours. The trip to the firestation was a good idea too. An embarassingly obvious one too.

Sorry Sharla. In preparation for 'Kate Plus 8, I've preemptively taken the blog name "Kate without Pity" out of circulation but I would be willing to sell it to you for $650,000. Cash only. I'm sure you understand my concerns about your credit.


They_Are_Insane said...

I can't believe the hags at Gwop didn't grab 'Kate without Pity' ages ago. Seems Sharla/Peri is off her game a bit. Disappointing.

I notice the hate blogs are running out of things to talk about with the show off the air. Seems they are back to talking about the TAP college accounts and their nuttier than a fruitcake theories about Kate getting pregnant with sextuplets on purpose. Shoot me, please.

Anonymous said...

Stacey, Clinton and Candace Olson are the only folks currently saving it. Okay, props to the Food Network too. I love these shows too. Im sure when no one else will give Jon a job he will put the kids back on tv and he may join the family agin.

Anonymous said...

YOU have Kate Without Pity? You are too funny, IWHY.

So are you staying open as long as we want to discuss gwop? Sharla is a sanctimonious, pretentious swine isn't she?

Anonymous said...

Dang, I wis I would have thought about that. You are to dang clever. Shoot!!!

Mr. Cat said...

Sharla and her kind will never quit hating on people. The hating has become an addiction for them. Before the advent of “reality tv” these classy bitches were probably hating on some character on a soap opera. They have probably hated on people their whole lives. They probably talk shit about members of their family, their friends, their neighbors and acquaintances.

Anonymous said...

Iwhyawli you should register the domain name "Free Sharla Smith", "Free Bohemian Moon" or "Free Lisa K" (you get the idea) for when one of these idiot blog owners get thrown in jail. You know how when crazy people see a line they are compelled to cross it? It's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said... poor grandma got stuck with jon.

GWOP forclosure said...

Oh GWOP fated to re-writing Gosselin history, flashbacks and replaying the greatest hits.

To the Gals WithOut a Purpose the future is here.

The climax is over, the sisterhood can take a collective "sigh". The impostors can run and hide.

What will happen to the fancy GWOP logo? Does it take on new meaning?

Grannies without Panties
Gaggling Women on Perfection
Grandma's without a pension
Goofiest Women On the Planet
Goddesses without a profession
Gay Women on Purpose
Gals without penis
gaudy wigs on pigs
Grannies wad of pills
Good Words on Parenting
Government without Pity

iwhyawli said...

ha ha ha re "GWOP foreclosure"! Funny!

Anonymous said...

Hailey Glassman Tells World Jon Gosselin Lied, Calls Him RidiculousHailey Glassman Tells World Jon Gosselin Lied, Calls Him Ridiculous
Posted on Nov 26, 2009 @ 04:22PM print it send it
Splash NewsHe Tweeted that he was going to his "grandma's" for Thanksgiving but his girlfriend Hailey Glassman says he lied.

"LOL-U are in Utah snowboarding w/"friends"-lol-ur redic," Hailey shot back.

PHOTOS: Jon & Hailey Kiss

So what is going on with these two, anyway? Are they on a "break," as Jon likes to say, or is it something far more permanent.

At least we know where Kate Gosselin really is -- at her home, with her kids, and best friends, the Steve Neild family.

ladeedah said...


I think you should snap up Kate Irene without pity, too. GWOPER'S seem to think that Kate's own middle name bothers her. Maybe someone should start Kreders (sp?) without pity.

Anonymous said...

Why not price Kate WithOut Pity with a nice round number? A cool million would be a much better price.

GWOP = Hateful Gossips said...

Hypocrites drive me nuts. GWOPPERs fancy themselves as child advocates but they are vicious little gossips craving more dirt on Kate.

From Hard to Keep Loving Jon over on GWOP ...

What kind of contract must the TLC Gosselin crews have signed for their silence?

I find it hard to believe that no one has "disclosed" any of the nuances of working there. It has to have been most unpleasant at times! I wish the walls had ears... (and gossip to share).

GWOP = Unhappy People Club said...

GWOP = Hateful Gossips said...
Hypocrites drive me nuts. GWOPPERs fancy themselves as child advocates but they are vicious little gossips craving more dirt on Kate.


That is so true. Real child advocates or humanitarians or people who are trying to do good things in life don't waste all of their time obsessing and hating someone on tv. The GWOPPERS and all of the other hate bloggers must have really unhappy lives.

If they examined their own lives I bet you anything that they have done more harm to other people than Kate Gosselin ever has.

Piper K said...

I agree the low class mentality over at GWOP is just getting their collective hate on against Kate. What a bunch of losers. It's never enough for them to lose the jealousy.
The show is over and the kids are off the air. You would think they would be as happy as ducks in a pond. But, no, they want too see Kate working digging ditches or something like that.
Sorry group over there to be sure.