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Jon Gosselin: I despise Kate

Jon must think we're all as dumb as he is. He despises Kate, he says.

No shit. Really? We couldn't tell.

Here's a newsflash, Jon. You also despise yourself.

I must say your 22K therapist has done a bang up job.

P.S. iwhyawli's bullshit detecter went berzerko when you were telling the wedding ring story. Your mom probably never told you this (or anything) but a person generally isn't believable when they're acting out in anger and spite.


Anonymous said...

Take poll team kate is wining 41%

Anonymous said...

Jon, so you think it is acceptable to rag on your soon to be ex-wife, who is the Mother of your children, in a manner and place that those children might read it. I see why you angsted her too death, because you do not think before you speak, and you act before you think. Grow up, Jon, you are the one that is always saying something, not Kate and is in the papers. Why do you care about your wedding ring? She bought it, if she pawned oh well, get over it, what use did you have for it. Such a baby!!!

Anonymous said...

If he wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny. Obviously someone in that marriage had to be the adult and it was Kate. It would have been impossible to raise their children and achieve the financial success they have had without her. I'm sure he didn't mind here attitude when it came to negotiating. Mr. Gosselin you need zip your mouth and your pants and become an adult. Typical, whinny male.

Anonymous said...

You know something truly has to be said for the adult here, Kate does infact do interviews but you notice she never really says anything damaging! She retains CLASS and DIGNITY thru out, obviously based on Jons behavior it is very very evident whom was and still is the only parent, Kate is.

Anonymous said...

I can't beleive this guy. He thinks he's some sort of superstar stud or something. Grow up and start thinking about your kids and what these childish comments are going to do to them.
Shame on him for saying these things about his childrens' mother! What a cad! If you don't like the mother of your children, keep it to yourself. You should never disparage either parent - ever! In my book - this man does not deserve to be a dad.

Anonymous said...

Kate did say that it is so hard to trust people, because people have let her down, Jon included. He is the biggest Liar and he seriously really needs professional help. He is a total sell out and his kids will someday know what a total low life he really is.

Anonymous said...

There is something about Jon's entire "performance" on this that is not genuine.

He just does not come across as believable in this interview.

iwhyawli said...

I sure hope Jon keeps his word and doesn't sit on Kate during one of the episodes. He'll crush her.

Anonymous said...

Jon's remarks were very childish, but what about some of Kate's remarks? How about the Aliens remark, or how she spoke to him on the show, or her remark when he suggested the small refrigerator when they were remodeling, or the comment to him about his loud breathing and her snorting? I could go on and on and on about some of the childish remarks she has made.

They BOTH are childish and at fault. Yes Kate has been the one to be the more responsible of the two... but they both have a lot of growing up to do!

Kate belittled Jon too many times publicly!

Anonymous said...

Jon couldn't have been that abused in his ten year marriage when he convinced Kate to do the Reality Show. He's pissed he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The man is an ass.

mkb77 said...

I bet you Kate's tounge is bitten to the quick..and thank goodness she hasn't taken the route he has in bringing such bullshit to "light." Even Chris Cuomo knew the boy was lying.

Kate has class and character and while she isn't perfect and added to the end result of their marriage in some fashion or another, she certainly cannot have her integrity questioned.

Jon is a piece of shit.

Lauren said...

Jon, your kids will be googling sooner than you think, so you better start saving your money for their therapy. Not only will your kids figure out they weren't wanted, but that you publicly trashed their mom on prime time TV. Very classy! My sister divorced my brother-in-law when my younger niece was 3. Despite some of the crap that he has pulled over the years, not once has my sister said one negative thing about him in front of my niece. She has said more than once that despite his asshat behavior, he is still my niece's dad. Too bad Jon has not quite figured that out. Jon, you got ripped off by your therapist-any therapist would tell you not to bad mouth your ex in front of your kids. But personally, I think he's way too ignorant to figure that out.

iwhyawli said...

anon at 10:05pm:

I could comment on your stupid ass remark on so many levels, starting with two wrongs don't make a right, but I wouldn't be commenting about Jon's remarks if they were simply childish. You can't be serious. Do you honestly not know the difference between Kate's comments and Jon's comments and allegations?

If Jon is "standing up for himself" as he says, I'd hate to see what "beating himself up" looks like.

Get a clue.

yahoo emailer said...

I think jon is a douche bag. I think some of what he said (about how he was treated) MAY have been true but the manner in which he is approaching this is just WRONG. When you compare Kate's interviews w/ Jon's you'll see that Kate may get a jab in (in a round about way) but Jon full on attacks Kate personally. Even the dang reporter had the common sense to try and stop Jon from being so vile. And it's the reporters job to get all the dirt. Sheesh.

If Jon really felt like he was "abused" then he should have left a long time ago. The only person he should be angry at is himself. And his PR person should be fired for allowing him to do that interview.

iwhyawli said...

It's clear from watching earlier episodes (even last season) that Jon wasn't feeling "abused". Did Kate speak harshly and demeaningly to him about him? Yes. It that a nice thing to do? No. It that why you divorce someone? Yes, no, maybe, I dunno, sure, why not? Is Kate still doing that (at least, publically)? No. The worst she's said is that she doesn't understand why Jon is behaving the way he is... that he's behaving like aliens have taken him, which he is.

They're now separated from each other and divorcing. Fine. It's what you both wanted. Move on. Minimize the damages to your kids or bow the f*ck out altogether. This mind-shit stuff on your kids just because he has an axe to grind is complete horseshit.

The thing is -- the word "abuse" and "exploitation" is tossed out like free candy samples. Folks, there are real people out there who are really are abused and exploited and douchebags like Jon and TEAM GWOP are watering the issue down as if it's no more serious that a case of Cindy Brady sniffles.

I'll tell you what abuse is --- abuse is putting your kids firmly in the middle. Saying shit like "Kate refused marriage counselling", "Kate stole my wedding ring", "Kate abused me", "I despise" Kate" is all shit that sooner or later makes them feel like they need to pick a parent. And it's not okay to do that. It's not their fault that you're a 8 year old man-child, Jon. Move on.

Jon's giving all the signals of a desperate individual with a serious, serious problem --- I don't know if it's a coke problem or what the f*ck the problem is, but when he puts his kids in the middle of it, I'm gonna be right here in his fat face.

Anonymous said...

All he wanted to do and still do is be a young teen again. How can he say he isn't going through some sort of crisis when he keeps saying "I lost my 20's having children". That means you want to be free and young again! Idiot! THINK BEFORE YOU TALK. And does he understand that people also find it distasteful dating someone who was family friends with your wife?

And does he ever question why a 22 year old girl wants a 32 year old man with a wife and 8 children? Or is he stupid like other men and think it's his dashing George Clooney looks? I mean what a great catch right? And that balding head! SUPER SEXY! He irritates me so much! Someone tell him shut up! You dug your grave a little further bashing your wife, mother of your children publicly. What a man, what a man. No wonder Kate "abused" him. Even the guy interviewing him thought he was a stupid ass.

What was his role throughout their marriage? What did he add to it? A woman does not like a man - her husband to be a wimp. Which he was. Women don't find weakness and laziness attractive. She had to do EVERYTHING. I don't understand how people say "well she had a nanny". Regular moms and dads with 3 children have nannies - so what? That isn't the point. She still had to control her family life. If not who would? Imagine what she had to go through just having them? She admitted her mistakes in their marriage and it's time he does. Instead of pointing the finder.

Anonymous said...

I attempted to watch the interview with an open mind. However, Jon is a full-on jag-off. The things he decided to "expose" are re-gosh-dard-diculous. And how many times did ya'll want to barf when they showed the home videos that Jon took? He looked like a greasy-ass high-schooler who thought he was some hot shite. Oh, and the interviewer didn't even ask you about alcohol. I loved how you just volunteered telling the world that your family has a history of alcoholism. Nice! Not only are you father of the year, but you're son of the year. Go you!

And, dear Jon, try some Clearasil.

Did I just sink to Jon's level by making fun of his appearance? Most definitely. But based upon his behavior and complete and utter disregard for his kids, he is the ugliest person I've ever seen in my entire life.

Up With Sheeple said...

Your mom probably never told you this (or anything) but a person generally isn't believable when they're acting out in anger and spite.

This is why I never believed Julie; why Kevin and Jodi look ridiculous advocating for children; and why "Peri/Sharla's" excuses for starting the pig blog never quite rang true. They are all too angry and spiteful.

ugh said...

God Almighty!

Hailey does not have ANY RESPONSIBILITIES. That is why she can say . . .

"Sure Jon. Go out."

"Sure Jon. Be with your friends."

He's a child. I've always thought it. He confirms it with this interview.

He thinks that he's father of the year because he dressed and bathed his kids daily? Big deal.
So how will his role evolve when presumably the kids can bathe and dress themselves?