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GWOP Theatre: Act III

Lame Fish
by iwhyawli

I couldn't WAIT to say this!

And we couldn't WAIT to hear it!
Whassup Jon?

"I love Kate as the mother of my
kids, but I despise her as a person."

Yeah, um, 'splain dat for us.
And go slow.
Pretend we're dumb.

This Mercedes ain't gonna
pay for itself, Serena

And we're always happy
to get the extra blog hits.

By the time my kids
google this, I'll have shot myself.

Good plan.

So yeah, it's not like they'll feel caught
in the middle or anything.

Your shrink tell you that?


Your mother?


Any chance your getting
life advice from a never-employed,
over indulged
22 year-old pothead
whose last sexual encounter
included a 5' potted plant?

Does this mean I'm still not
America's favorite Dad ?


mkb77 said...


from said...

Jon Gosselin -- I Can't Drive 55
Posted Sep 10th 2009 2:15PM by TMZ Staff

We've all seen how quickly Jon Gosselin moved on from Kate -- and it seems his need for speed carries over to the road too, because dude just got himself a ticket.

According to the ticket, Jon was clocked going 78.3 MPH in a 55 mile zone Tuesday in Allentown, PA. We're told he was cooperative with cops and sent on his way -- with a citation for $165.

Marissa said...

I love the fish in the sock's mouth.

Good job Iwhy!

Jons a tool.... said...

I'm sure Jons ticket is somehow Kates fault too. What a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Jons a tool.... said...
I'm sure Jons ticket is somehow Kates fault too. What a dumbass.

September 11, 2009 6:32 AM

I hope he doesnt speed with the kids in the car.

Jon makes me sick said... is bringing you the first photos of the couple sharing some stolen romantic moments together on Thursday during their recent road trip.

This week, reports surfaced that the couple had broken up over his trip to Las Vegas and other possible incidences of infidelity, but as these photos show, their romance continues to flourish

iwhyawli said...

yeah I suppose kissing in a Wal-mart parking would be a "stolen romantic moment" for someone like Jon and Hailey.

Anonymous said...

"Stolen Romantic Moment"???? Ha..Ha...Jon probably called and paps, since it has been reported that he is the "leak". Just like the photos of Jon and Kate 2.0, that ended up being a planned "photo op". He is just a total low life and I think that he really enjoys being known as such. Just like "Speidi", where even negative attention, is atention. Next she will be doing a spread for Playboy...Ha..Ha..

funnier said...

This is off-topic, but...

from the Pig blog in response to an anonymous comment: "Are you shutting down?"

Peri's response:

I quite possibly am going to do that. The Gosselins now bore me silly and I don't watch. So do the other blogs and I have no interest in reading any of them any more. In fact the reason I created this blog no longer exists so I think it's time.

September 12, 2009 11:27 AM

Yeah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that your cover has been blown, Sharla.

Jons a dumbass said...

Here's a thought to turn your stomach, how about a "couples" spread of Jon and Hailey in Playgirl. I'm sure he jump all over that. I don't know how Kate stood being with an idiot like Jon for that long.

iwhyawli said...

That's good scoop, funnier, thanks. I'm also realizing I need an Open Discussion thread... so I'm off to create one.

Anonymous said...

You know I would not be surprised if Sharla shut down the Piggy Blog. The GWOP Moderators are all so high and mighty with all that child advocating that they are doing on their Blog. How can Sharla continue on with her nastiness on the Piggy Blog now that her cover is blown and she is owner of the "Chat Room" where she just encourages more nastiness. Actually a lot of the time those lonely people sit in that Chat room complaining about their ailments and hemorrhoids. Matter of fact there was talk that Sharla was not feeling well and she may have had the Swine Flu. Maybe she got it from the Piggy Blog. You know what they say "You reap what you sow" and "Karma is a bitch".

ladeedah said...

That sock puppet actually looks like Jon...

the dead-pan look.
the stupidity.
yep looks just like him.