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Quintessential GWOP

So of course I was eager to drop by GWOP to read what the nutcases had to say about Jon's crushing defeat in court today, but guess what? There's no mention of Jon's crushing defeat in court at GWOP. This topic must be too painful for Sharla. Perhaps it's too soon. The wound may be too raw. Sharla could very well be parked on her shrink's couch trying to work through all the anger and disappointment of today. It's just so unfair, isn't it Sharla? How much longer before one of your sockpuppets posts the Judge's e-mail address? Tick tock, babe.

Although disappointed (but not shocked) that there's no mention of this historic day in Jon Gosselin history at GWOP, I wasn't disappointed (or shocked) to stumble upon Sharla's post regarding School Bus Gate. In order to catch their school bus, apparently the kids must get up at some hour that is earlier than the rules of child advocacy allow. The post and its comments are quintessential GWOP.

I try to think of the right word for people like Sharla and her readers. "Creepy" seems to fit best. The level of scrutiny that she subjects other parents to is .... just plain creepy. Clearly something very, very bad must have happened in Sharla's own childhood and all other parents (with the possible exception of her own parents) will pay for it. Perhaps more likely, Sharla herself is a shitty parent and digging into other parents makes herself feel better. I've checked my Inbox, Sharla. Your application to gwopwop's Parenting Study still isn't in it. I don't understand the delay.

Y'all keep in mind that the show is off the air and has been for almost 3 weeks now. That's all the GWOPPERS ever wanted if we're to believe their "What We Want" statement (cough). Well, there's been no filming and no recent pictures. For all we know, the kids are now in high school and the boys are sporting full beards. So all that 'public servant' stuff that Sharla said about keeping the blog open as long as other people still wanted to talk about the Gosselins? Horse crap. What she meant was ... Sharla will keep the blog open as long as she wants to talk about the Gosselins and their so-called shitty parenting.

If concocted charges like School Bus Gate are any example, that blog ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

Oh joy.


Anonymous said...

If Sharla and friends need the judges info they can get it over at Moon's. Yes, they had all the man's contact information so that everyone could school the judge on children's advocacy. I could see how they could win Jon's case. Can you imagine what they wrote? LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow! This looks like a fun site to visit! NOT! *crickets*

iwhyawli said...

^^^ Sharla.

GWOPtards said...

I'm at a loss for words as to how deplorable those crackheads are at GWOP. I quit going over there are my first visit when I realized they were all a bunch of jilted, bitter old hags. So I just went over to read Schoolbusgate... OMG... they get worse as the days go. Unreal. I hope to hell that Kate sues their asses one day.

FTR... I DO NOT think that Kate is a perfect angel. I DO think that she is, by far, the much better parent and only stable parent in those kids' lives.

Hey Anon. @ 9:39 PM said...

We just don't have the time to post all day and night like you do.

Hannah Lightfoot said...

I've posted here only once, but have spent some time reading all the comic genius iwhyand the group offers us.
Yesterday was a coup for TLC and all the mothers out there who wear mini skirts, high heels..have fab boobs.
The paisley jackboot sistahood, GWOP with their co-horts in cyberhate crimes and misdemeanors recieved a resounding bitchslap yesterday. They made a quick defensive move at TMZ..telling the unsuspecting to go to GWOP if they wanted the truth. A Counterattack was made by the Anti-Jon'ites listing all the luverly hatesites that GWOP aligns themselves with...and just for fun we gave this site and the princess board props for being the funniest sites.
I put on my couture camo ensemble ( who says 4 inch heels on combat boots are trashy?) and snuck into enemy territory today...what did I find?..Nothing...Nada..Zip, about their teen idol losing his pissing contest with TLC. (He shouldn't have pee'd on their tree to begin with). Oh..the Khaters were knashing their teeth in private doubt about that. They wouldn't dare show the anti-jon'ites just how po'd they really are. I'm betting there was an inter-office memo telling them not to show any emotion on their respective it in private. To show that the outcome of yesterday's judgement didn't bother/affect them.
On that note...I'm off to do nothing but sit at the computer and make wicked swipes at the Khaters all day..because thats all I do....hehe.

Yahoo Emailer said...

Sharla is a tool.

Yahoo Emailer said...

Gwop is a JOKE! If they were serious in discussing all things Gosselin then they would have been on top of that hearing. They are very obviously pro-Jon!

anonymous bystander said...

GWOP attracts tools and fools.

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli and yahoo emailer


Anonymous said...

Only action that can save GWOP is if they buy a super bowl commercial.

Would you watch Sharla in knee pads and a jock strap?

Anonymous said...

Imagine in a perfect world there would be a first and last GWOP board meeting called to order.

First they vote to approve the minutes of the last meeting they didn't have.

They next introduce themselves, and their board role.

“The GWOPer” I am the person, or represent, the type of person hopefully going to read and post on your blog. You need me as a reality check on rules of posting, topics, and donations.

“The Geek” I am the paid sitemeter person who provides a reality check of the IP's, so that when your CTO tells you that she's going to re-write the laws for identifying anonymous huckers,
someone smacks some sense into you all. Anonymous moderators (NHRN)are okay they have passwords.

“Blogger Mom” I am your mentor, bff, and frequently pro-bono psychiatrist. My role is to guide, comfort, and support you when things get tough.

“The Moderator” I am the “adult” on the board who acts as the tough gurl to tell you that your “commentary” is no benchmark to judge others impulses and opionions and god forbiddin confessions or selfish testimonials. You cannot give your lover the title of moderator just because she's a co-founder and the most believable person of the founders.

“Sheri Maguire” I am the person has the Rolodex that enables you to leap ahead of mere-mortal blogs by connecting you with media, insiders, advertizers, and reader candidates. Be forewarned, however, most of the time your perception of a board member's ability to open doors is overly optimistic.

“The CEO.” I am Sharla and I am someone you can “relate to” because I am in the middle of the fray too boo hoo. Unlike most board members who have “been there and wrote that,” I am “here and read that.” I act as a reality check on the other board members who are victims of selective memory--
for example, the attitude that “back when I was a CEO, we had a higher hit count per day and predictable low life celebrities.”
I can also provide first-hand information about what blogs are paying for sockpuppets, sitemeters, donation accountability, and which PR firms and advertising agencies are feeding the current events of the day, etc.

Anonymous said...

Why all the gwop hate? Did you try to get posted there once and they didn't approve your comment? Did someone rag on your comment? Something must have happened over there to all of you to make you dislike them so much. I don't get it.

iwhyawli said...

Yeah, yeah .. that's it. Can't put anything past you, can I? I tried to post a comment over there and they rejected it. Big bunch of meanies.

From GWOP said...

lifeoriley said...
I had a convo with my mother yesterday re: Jon. My mother, a sort-of former sheeple said that she used to feel sorry for Jon, but now she feels he's being a jerk. I asked why and she mentioned him being "seen" with "all of these women" and out at bars. I asked her why it's so wrong for Jon to go out and be seen with women if he has been separated for almost a year (last holiday season is reportedly when Kate told him it's over and he was kicked to the garage appt.) and his divorce is about to become final. She had no real answer--except that it's bad press.
She said, "he needs to get a job" and I agreed, but asked, "Where?"
Unemployment in very high in PA--the Reading area is not exactly overflowing with decent-paying employment opportunities for someone like Jon. He can't go crawling back to the state for his old job back, either. He's kind of stuck for now--even if he got a low-paying job for his own self-respect, the press would still be calling him a "loser." That's the reason why I still kinda feel bad for Jon--notwithstanding his ridiculous and immature behavior.
My mother did admit that Kate's talk show probably wouldn't be that good, as Kate isn't very "likeable." My mother had watched the show because she thought the kids were "adorable."

12/12/2009 7:55 AM

Jordan said...

Anonymous said...
Why all the gwop hate? Did you try to get posted there once and they didn't approve your comment?

If only....I HAVE gotten comments posted over there. You know what usually led me to success? Saying nasty things about Kate's "favorite" - Hannah.

The nastier you are towards the kids (particulary the aforementioned Hannah) the more likely you are to get posted.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:35 aka prima donna bloggerina

Not me; to the little red hen. I am GWOP-Phobic and don't share your interest to post there. Go fish. Do you have eights in your hand?

Social intercourse over at GWOP can get you Sharla Transmitted Disease (STD) or a case of Serena's Tacky Delusions (STD) or you can fall down as one of Maggie's Agnostic disciples impostering Crazy Old Women (MAD COW.

Oh and if you would like take a intelligent message back and post "THE TV SHOW IS OVER", Kate has the fate of the eight and a TLC paycheck and Jon is good for a nooky date. Oh and in case you forgot anon you violated posting rule #1.

friend of Iwhyawli said...


I composed a short poem for you...

Hugs and kisses
to her that slaps
GWOP bitches!

iwhyawli said...

lifeoriley needs help with her/his exploitation of quote marks problem "pronto"

Hannah Lightfoot said...

Anon 4:35 ( if thats your real name)...
Why all the hate directed towards GWOP? You assume the contempt held towards them is due to something as minor as not getting a personal comment posted ( rolls eyes)..Puhleeze.
Lets assume you post there, what do you hope to gain by aligning yourself with people who have the unmittigated gall to call themselves child advocates and in the same breath trash the very children they have made it their life duty to "protect"?
You all want to save them..protect them..blah..blah. But you DON'T respect them, you accuse their mother over and over for not raising HER(NOT YOURS)children according to the almighty words of such notable Khaters as, GWOP..DirtyDisher ( thats one f**ked up chick) BohemothMoon, Lisak..ect. You scream from the rooftops about the indignity of it all. What the fuck is so dignified about posting that you ( not you personally..duh)are a teacher in the same school system and Kate better watch her kids..yes, I do have the proof it was posted on GWOP...if you should require it.
Although they (GWOP) assume that one day the children will thank them, when they see how much they tried to "help" them. The real world sees it another way...they see what disgusting lies, accusations and insults that were dircted towards their mother from these child advocates..Guess what?..Thats what they'll see too.
They are children now..BUT they will grow up..and they will see these hate posts.In a few years the Khaters will have moved on to someone else..and they will forget Kate Gosselin. BUT,(now pay attention, Khaters)..the children will be adults and they won't forget how their mother was treated by these advocates. Considering, they will most probably be very well educated
( cuz, they were sent a whole 30 min. bus ride to school)and there will be 8 of them...Can you imagine 8 pissed off adults protecting and defending their mother? I know what my 2 adult sons would do to protect me.I can only dream what HER children would do to protect her from the likes of people like that.

Anonymous said...

Reasons You MIGHT WANT TO Be a GWOPPER poster (moderator induced guilt not included)

your plasma has post-it notes after watching Jon & Kate plus 8

Your husband finds blogger notes hightlighted in yellow

You have CPS on speed dial

You were voted least likely to suceed at the PTA

The last time you read to your kids was the National Inquire cover in the check out lane

Your kids know not to disturb mommy when she is sitting at the computer

You want to tell Kate to kiss your ass but the moderators won't post it

You have spent more on your cable bill than on your kids education

In tough situations you ask yourself, "What would Sharla do?”

snarkin' on Kate is your primary occupation

Hating on hats, heels, and hair means you have nothing of importance to say

'I read in a tabloid' means its worth repeating

Disappointed the show didn't have a narrative like little house on the praire

Kate's 'downfall' is not going as you planned

Jon is the sensitive one for having broke down to a selfish victim

Jon is just doing whatever it takes to derail the show and ruin Kate's life/save the children

Jon let you down, but it's time to let go. If Laura Linger can stop loving him you can to.

concerned about oversized families who make money in questionable ways, despite the Kennedys

sending "words of support and encouragement" to a P.O. Box in St. Louis

Kate can't be good because you don't like her, so that means Jon is still good no matter what he does

GWOP's resident therapist agrees that Kate dresses like a hooker

GWOPers always "put" so many "quotation marks" in all "the" wrong places?

I want to cradle the Gosselin kids in my arms like we did our puppy last night as the sun set, but I can't.

I'm a fucking savior, ya'll. Please shower me with compliments about my tremendous self-sacrifice

You want to 1 up Kate skills of answering her own questions

MAGGIE said...I personally believe this is going to be the final season for the show.....our intelligence is being insulted

Aunt Bozo Hair and Uncle White Trash apparently paid off their mortgage recently

Dear God, If you can make a GWOP class action lawsuit against Kate/TLC happen, I promise to never ask you for anything ever again.

find a hate blog and announce your reasons and your turmoil

Anonymous said...

Quintessential GWOP hears of injunction

Of course
One wonders
Let's hope
There is something terribly wrong
is beyond evil and beyond reprehensible
is he cooked
Is there anyone who can help
Think about this
I think it's unfair
Why would
put the screws on
Not unless
It was not a good
The only reason
delusions of invincibility
As some one else said
Most people would disagree
Here is what I don't understand
grow up and understand this too
The only thing that can stop
Also, I'm wondering
I don't see why
I guess a lot will depend
Yada Yada Yada
The article also mentions
But as someone said, Kate is disgusting
The most interesting thing
Why is it disgusting
Hang on guys, let me clarify
I am finally rendered speechless regarding any sympathy
I have to wonder
You know what gets me
I am not sure which is worse

Any bets said...

Which will be found first?

Osama Bin Laden or
Someone wearing a GWOP Gurls Tshirt

iwhyawli said...

anon at 7:51, are those various excerpts from GWOP regarding Jon's injunction? Ay-yi-yi. It reads like an epic poem. So telling.

iwhyawli said...


I was sorta hoping that the GWOP GURLS T-Shirt thing was a joke. YOU MEAN IT'S SERIOUS? Oh god. That's too depressing to even think about.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, LOVED your post! The insane need it drawn out in stick figures though or nursery rhymes to comprehend. After all, GWOP and the hate Kate bloggers are MOST INSANE.

Anonymous said...

*giving Hannah a standing ovation for her post*

kimmie said...

Anonymous said...

Why all the gwop hate? Did you try to get posted there once and they didn't approve your comment? Did someone rag on your comment? Something must have happened over there to all of you to make you dislike them so much. I don't get it.

December 11, 2009 4:35 PM


well i don't hate gwoppers. but i have tried to post neutral replies there and not been posted...but if i reply with anti kate things they do.

the problem i have there (beside all the hate which literally nauseates me) is that there is no discussion.

if you don't jump on the hate wagon you are instantly (and i DO mean instantly) called a *sheeple* and put down in disdain.

there was a thread there from a person who saying kate wasn't so bad, etc. at first reading i thought *wow! i cannot beleive they actually posted this here.*

after reading just a few replies i got it...all they did was start making fun of the author of the original post and call her names and insult her intelligence. oh...and assume it was kate g herself posting.

i see no equality individuality. only hate and snarking and vindictiveness...such a sad place to read.

Piper said...

I see Kate Gosselin has been named one of PEOPLE's "25 Most Intriguing" individuals of 2009!