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Ha ha ha ... so how many of the comments at the View's website were posted by Julie do you think? She's got to be spitting bullets. SPITTING BULLETS! I love it.

What in the world is so upsetting about Kate's appearance on the View? Nothing. It's just more evidence that child advocacy has nothing to do with anything. In GWOPPERLAND, Kate's not supposed to be on television AT ALL! Period. End of Sentence.

The GWOPPERS can't complain about filming the kids, so the primary beef now seems to be that Kate isn't famous enough for the show. HA! I'm looking at the cast picture below and except for Whoopi Goldberg and Ba-ba Wa-Wa, who are the others? Forget that, remind me why I'm interested in something a "celebrity" might have to say about anything? Does Whoopi Goldberg have a PhD in something that I don't know about? Barbara Walters is an adulteress and an unrepentive one, if I remember correctly. I bet the wife of whatever slob slept with Ba-ba Wa-Wa was tickled pink when Ba-Ba decided to write her tell-all book umpteen years later. "Thanks for bringing all that up again, Ba-Ba. Is there anything you won't do for a buck?" Why does anyone give a crap what Ba-ba Wa-Wa thinks?

I've only seen the show a few times. If Kate had asked for my advice, iwhyawli would have told her to take a pass. The show is positively insipid. Listening to the woman who is sitting next to Whoopi Goldberg was like listening to nails on a chalkboard. Has there ever been an episode where she's not bitching about something? Good god, woman, give it a rest. Try to be happy, for once. Life doesn't suck.

The End.


Up with Sheeple said...

Life doesn't suck.


The Gosselin kids are cute, gorgeous, normal, happy, and blessedly wealthy---lots of goodness ahead for them.

Kate now has the money and opportunity to get fit, look great, get some "me" time, and tuck away money for those private schools for her eight children, all while making wonderful memories.

The divorce is a shame, but, life can still be good---a great message for so many women facing the heartbreak of a failed marrige.

I don't look to Kate Gosselin for life advice (because I already know this) but for the unhappy, bitter, jealous "fans" who tune in week after week and view tabloid photos day after day, I hope watching Kate Gosselin succeed will give them some ideas about how to pick themselves up and move forward.

(You can do it Julie!)

Pat said...

Ratings are going to go through the roof!

They will prob ask her

Anonymous said...

August 26th, 2009, 6:51 am
Kate Gosselin once again on TV? Is she going to have her big pity party once again?? I am really surprised and disappointed at The Veiw for having this abusive, exploitive,no talent woman as as host. If asked about her divorce, which she and Jon have exploited for ratings, she is not honest, so why even bother? ENOUGH of this woman. I will tune out on those days, thanks for the warning. (PS there is a HUGE difference between being famous and infamous. Kate being the latter.)

This one of many stupid comments from the views blog comments.

Agent 99 said...

I never watch The View...but I'll be sure to do my part in stickin' it to the haters by making sure I do on those 2 days in September!


Marissa said...

I think by now, smart tv shows (or smart bosses/producers) realize where the distractors and haters come from and don't bother with the comments or take them to heart. They most likely see it only as webhits and that translates to cash for them. But, they would never take anything the haters say seriously. (unless it's a criminal act they are bragging about). Otherwise, I believe the day of hate emails and comments are now being laughed at.

Anonymous said...

I think that their lives do suck and misery loves company. How could anyone even love and respect them. If any of them was my mother I would seek emancipation.

And completely off the subject, but doesn't Kate look stunning in the latest People photograph. She looks absolutely at peace. Good for her.

I'm praying for Kate said...

I hope that Kate gets spots on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, maybe star in some movies. I hope she gets anything that would really keep her in the lime light. Out of consideration for all of the haters I wish nothing but good fortune and happiness on Kate Gosselin. Keep hating haters.

Anonymous said...

I prefer not to watch the VIEW, but will when K8's on. I guess "The Real Angry Housewives of GWOP" will have to play with their kids or clean house while their TVs are off that hour. Oh wait - they'll be blogging.

Marissa said...

"The Real Angry Housewives of GWOP" will have to play with their kids or clean house while their TVs are off that hour. Oh wait - they'll be blogging.

August 29, 2009 4:14 AM


They are slobs, and their houses won't be cleaned. You're right, they will be blogging lies again.

Yes, Kate looked beautiful in the new People magazine. Great article. She is a strong woman indeed. And, so down to earth. This is what the gwoppers can't stand...a real woman who has it together!

And they claim it's not jealousy. Pffft....

Anonymous said...

TV idiot, wants Joy VBehar to treat Kate like crap on the view. Sorry idiot Joy isnt a jealous person like you.

Arabella said...

Kate does look GOOD in the latest People article.

Kate on "The View" - good for her.

I think LaToya Jackson is also going to be a co-host. See a pattern? The producers are looking for celebrities (whatever list - A/D - you think they might fall on) who are going to DRAW viewers. Love her or hate her - Kate will bring in viewers. Of that I am 100% convinced. And she is laughing at everyone writing to the producers or sending emails in apparent disgust (jealousy).

The producers want interest and Kate brings it.

Aunt jodi is nuts. said...

Get off Kate’s back. If Jon had an affair it is not her fault, everyone knows he is married with eight kids. There is something wrong with any woman willing to date a married man. The kids are like any other normal kids. There are many different lifestyles out there and kids can thrive even if it is on camera, As for nice Aunt Jodi, mad she is not in the spotlight enough anymore? Surely she is aware the kids will see that someday, will that help them? No! She just said their life is a train wreak! Bet they did not know that previously, thanks for that! You have just made it much worse than it was!

Anonymous said...

I think Kate will do a great job on the show. I’m glad she is branching out. I would love to see her on Dancing with the Stars as I know her children would love it. She needs to continue to be strong for her children and show them life goes on. Goodluck Kate! Our family loves you and your children.

Anonymous said...

I’m sad to read so much Kate bashing. We are saturated with information on how to become an independent, strong, autonomous, career/family balanced woman, yet when presented with someone who encompasses these traits, so many are quick to judge and berate her. Since I work two career oriented jobs, I will record these episodes as I would like to hear the life experience knowledge share she has to offer during her stay on The View. A definite breath of fresh air from the majority of ignorant comments I read on hate blogs.
Kate, stay strong and let your husband’s behavior speak for itself. Don’t allow his hypocrisy to derail you. Stay true to the vision you have for you and your children and the goals and success that will surely come to fruition through your determination.

Anonymous said...

To all you ladies who are Kate-haters...if you don't want to watch..then don't watch!! Kate is a strong, independent, wonderful mother who is not afraid to speak her mind (which is what The View is all about, by the way). I am looking forward to the I know millions of other people are too! The things she has had to put up with, mainly dealing with a lazy, cheating husband, has made her who she is today..and I give her mad props for standing tall and holding her head high and handling all of this with class. Go Kate! I speak for millions of other women when I say, we're with you all the way!

Snark is twisted said...

Anonymous said...
TV idiot, wants Joy VBehar to treat Kate like crap on the view. Sorry idiot Joy isnt a jealous person like you.

August 29, 2009 1:06 PM

TVSnark is disappointed that Oprah supported Kate, Perez swiped Jodi and Kevin, and Kathy Griffin is Team Kate. I'm afraid Joy is her last imaginary celebrity friend left to do some damage to Kate. I hope she can keep it together when Joy turns out to be sane. TVSnark is such a hater she readily admits that she cannot even watch a show with Kate Gosselin on it because it makes her blood pressure go up! That is twisted. Twisted.

maggie said...

I work during the day but will be setting it to tape on my DVR. I've also called all my friends and family and asked them to watch. Here's hoping the ratings are so high that Kate will get her own talk show! Yaa Hoo