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Deflating Your Own Argument 101

In the long list of the many "unique" things I enjoy about GWOP, the dopes who deflate their own windbag are definitely on my Ten 10 List. A post from "Terri" follows. She gives us paragraph after paragraph of complete outrage and then ends with a statement that pretty much equates to "gee, hmm, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about afterall. "

I call them the "rose anna anna danna" posters. I chuckle every damn time.

Terri said...
To those of you who think that Cara and/or Mady "meltdown" or cry too much try to remember all that those girls have to deal with. Such as...

Having a bucketload of siblings dropped on them when they were very little and then having their lives invaded by many volunteers, all there to help care for the 'tups (lost in the shuffle anyone?).

For years they have had no privacy, no quiet, no normalcy, and IMO no normal diet.

Now, as their parents split and the family is readjusting, they are still being filmed, being asked to perform as if all is ok. When they leave the relative safety of their home they are followed by paparazzi, who will scream terrible things to get a "money shot."

Through this all they have no family network, no friends at their home, and no space to dewith what is happening.

If Cara and Mady want to cry, I don't blame them in the least, in fact I am stunned they don't do it more often.

8/24/2009 4:29 PM


Anonymous said...

Here's one of the most illogical and misinforumed posts I've ever read...put up by one of the haters on The View's blog:
Nokomis777 Says:
Having eight kids is not sister had eight and worked part time. They were close together and turned out just fine.
But having eight kids and allowing them to work full time and then spending all their money on first class hotels to be away sixty percent of the time with your "body guard" and fly around first class cuddling with him while you smear their father after cutting him lose: that is also not unique. There have been many sneaky immoral selfish child exploiters in the world, sadly. I just never expected to see someone like that kissed up to by ladies who I respected as being bright, my view sisters.
Ask her if you dare, WHO filed for divorce, she did.
WHY did jodi and her own brother say John came to them in tears in OCT -08 and said Kate said it was over she wanted her way and she was dumping him and had him sign a contract that he could date and would be well paid to allow her to fly first class and go to spas all over at alleged "book signings' with her alleded bodyguard Steve. Ask her why the children work; sometimes kate is there, sometimes john, but ALWAYs the kids work. they made ten million plus the mansion, plastic surgury and five cars for the parents. How much is in the only recent college fund? A million...or just a few thousand that people contributed to.
And the lies...SHE NEVER WROTE THAT BOOK, her friend Beth did and she recently took beths name off the cover. And WHY can she run around smearing jons name, the man who washed, changed, fed, the tups; cleaned house, scrubbed the floors and suffered her abuse ...while her 20 PR (paid for by the tups) people and tlc have pulled HIS interviews and wont let him speak.
WHY has she psychologically an socially handicapped them by isolating them, not really playing with them off camera, tabloids speak of drinking and beatings, who knows, but these kids in the little we see, Joel didnt know what corn was at 3, even recently the "icky"(her word) boys cant even count. They will be SIX next year and still in kindergarten!!!!!, still wearing bibs,talking baby talk and since birth ONLY EATING COLD, RAW FOOD OFF OF PAPER PLATES. My sister had no dishwasher and the 8 kids always had real dishes! Whats next, make them walk on their knees so they look younger? Dont blame this on their being preemies, I have several neanatal mds as friends and they said IF there was such a developmental delay, it would have been addressed long ago and the children would have been in therapy...
Can you get answers? DARE you get answers? For the love of God, please help these kids.
I am just an average housewife with six good kids. I live in the midwest and have never written in before...but I am so pained to see the tortured look on Madys face, the screaming and bad behavior and constant crying of the little ones, especially earlier. They seldom look happy except around their dad.

StopGwop said...

This is the type of ignorance and intolerance GWOP publishes-

CandyZ said...I used to think that Jon was so passive and setting such a bad example of being a weak man that his boys were going to grow up to be gay. Now that he's acting he way that he is, I'm wondering if the boys will grow up to be partyers. Which is worse. I don't know. I just wish the parents would get their heads out of the clouds.

Since removed because it was causing too many negative comments from the rest of the crazies. Shocking and frightening that it could be written at all but unbelievable that it made it past the moderators. A line has been crossed- Gwop needs to shut down.

Hater, Hater, I see you Hater... said...

Cold, raw, food on paper plates!!! The horror of it all! It sounds way too healthy to me. Kate really needs to look into serving more junk food. Damn those fresh fruits and vegetables! Bring on the Taco Bell and Burger King!

And OH THE LIES about Beths book! Beth has been robbed! Someone call the book police because I'm just positive Beth has no idea that she is being cheated, neglected, and abused like she is! Someone needs to tell her! Quick, the bat phone Robin!

Agent 99 said...

There may be a silver lining to the outrage being expressed at The View site...that GWOP and all the other hate sites will be seen in an arena that goes beyond "the Gosselin blogosphere" and that these people will be seen for what they are...a bunch of hateful kooks!! The argument is spilling out of their world and into the mainstream, and I imagine most rational people will see them for what they are. Over the last several weeks, I've mentioned to a few friends that don't even watch the show about this anti-Kate cult and even they can see it. It's always a sad sort of laugh that we get. The haters are certainly worth laughing at but at the same time it's so sad, and scarey, to think that there are segments of our culture so hell bent on hating someone/thing else.

So keep it up all you haters! Let the whole world see!

Haters are fruitloops said...

Again, Kate is laughing all the way to the bank. The ratings with soar on the show the days she is on with all the outrage they stir up, just like they did with the season opener of Jon and Kate. And if Kate is ends up being on more than these two shows, I'm going to have to become a card carrying regular viewer just to spite them.

What's My Name? said...

This actually sounds like the rant of a highly irrational person. This is really sad.

The people who read the emails must be shaking their heads, or rolling on the floor laughing their heads off!

Anonymous said...

What's My Name? said...
This actually sounds like the rant of a highly irrational person. This is really sad.

The people who read the emails must be shaking their heads, or rolling on the floor laughing their heads off!

August 28, 2009 4:20 PM
I would love that job to read there emails. I would reply an tell them to kiss Kates ass she has class and they dont.

Grrr - sick of armchair psychologists said...

Kate loves her children. The children love their mommy.

These disturbing weak excuses for women want the children to revolt and hate their mommy as much as they hate her.

They think so highly of themselves that they diagnose children they see on their tv in an edited show. They are sickly obsessed not concerned.


I’m beginning to think the kids have Stockholm Syndrome.

I think you are correct in that assessment. If not Stockhom Syndrome, then at least some form of dissociative disorder.

Anonymous said...

Honestly…I read a lot of Kate hate blogs and I can say this. If I don’t care for someone I don’t read the blogs so if you don’t like Kate don’t read the blogs on her. I personally like Kate and I wish her the best, she has always been nice and at least she can hold her head up and know that she IS NOT THE REAL REASON JON LEFT. All marriages are not perfect and after TEN years you don’t leave a marriage because you don’t like how you are treated, you try to work things out and I don’t believe Jon when he says that Kate didn’t want counseling i’m sure she did up until she found out that Jon already had an STD and she changed her mind. Be honest people Jon left because he wanted the freedom he gave up TEN years ago, he knew what kind of person Kate was when he married her. JON IS A DOUCHE BAG…..MY OPINION.

Pat said...

GWoPpers you live in a trailer parks, your un-employed husbands weighs 400 lbs., and the only people you see all day are inbred rednecks.

In other words, GWoP's entire fanbase.

Anonymous said...

My perceptions are that I have seen some really, really bad, abusive, neglectful, and harmful parenting from my years working for child protective services. And I've watched Jon and Kate parent. Personally, I think they're great parents. And I've been in the homes of some fantastic foster parents who rank right up there with perfection. . and then in the homes of some really, really sorry parents - who shouldn't be allowed to have a gold fish - let alone a child. My opinion of Kate remains steadfast. I think she is a very, very good and loveing mother.

erin said...

I think it has been said before but I think GWoP is just a strange chapter in the mommy-bashing wars. Kate doesn't even rank in the top 100 of shitty things I've seen parents do. Every once in a while I wince at something she says, but overall I don't think she's a bad or uncaring mom.

That being said, I have avoided the View's blog, but Nokomis is priceless! I may have to wander over there for a laugh this afternoon. I will never understand their fascination with the tups diet. What is wrong with grapes? I stupidly occasionally give my niece all of say, a banana, only to have half of it smashed into the carpet an hour later. I'm all for giving them smaller portions and giving seconds if they want. My cousin still has food issues from the "take as much as you want but clean your plate" school of thought.

Elizabeth said...

Wow she lives in a 5 bedroom, 6,200 sq ft. house. who cares!! I live in a 5 bedroom 3,500 sqft. house.. My parents are teachers and they can afford a really big and nice house. and they only have me and my 2 brothers.. Not 9 people to fit in a house.
Stop being so petty and picking her apart! Those who are picking at her, are actually jealous.. Its just like high school. were people talked bad about the people they really wanna be like.. or be friends with..

Anonymous said...

Kate is a good mother. Mom's do that getting annoyed thing!! As for Jon, well he kept saying how he was there for his kids...well where is he now?? Out with a bunch of skanks who are only seeing Dollar signs in him. Kate is home taking care of her kids, while Jon is out being the ever popular "man" that he is. My vote is for Kate. She is there for her kids and is not running off and leaving them to go party it up like Jon is with a bunch of tramps.

Anonymous said...

After truly getting a good chuckle over these blogging edicts, I am left with the following conclusions. 1) These over jealous cyber-psychologists and social workers need to find a hobby (or at least turn the channel). and 2) While I am disturbed by their baseless conclusions regarding the Gosselin family, I can say that I am happy to know that if Jon and Kate Gosselin are the worst parents that they've ever seen, then we've collectively raised the parenting bar. I can think of dozens (if not hundreds) of children who would have happily traded in their months and years in foster care just to have a chance to have parents like Jon and Kate.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised about the criticism about Kate and her parenting. I challenge anyone who criticizes her to walk a mile in her shoes. Let's stick you at home, with eight young children, for three years and see if can do half as good as she does. I'm thinking the Kate's are few and far between, and she was blessed with this many children because she was one of the rare souls who could raise them gracefully.

planey_janey said...

The deflation of all of their arguments is the "straw man" principle. They begin -- or assert -- that the premise of their syllogisms is the welfare of the children, yet follow up with how wrong Kate is.

It goes something like this:

Assertion: Those kids are being exploited.
Evidence: Kate wears cowboy hays, a dress, and heels.
Conclusion: Kate is (fill in the blank).

Not the most solid of arguments or