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Far be it from me to diss any website, including GWoP, for posting a "Missing Children" gadget as a reminder to everyone that we need to find these kids.

I think every website should include a "Missing Children" gadget.

On the other hand, what the heck does the agony of a missing child have to do with the TV show "Jon & Kate Plus 8"?

Is one of the Gosselin kids missing?

:: scratches head in puzzlement ::

Oh, I get it (sorta). GWoP includes the "Missing Children" gadget on their blog because they want everyone to think that they are truly concerned, selfless women who mean business when it comes to child exploitation.

Unfortunately, you don't have to read too many of the postings and comments before realizing that you've actually stumbled upon the best of America's most miserable, catty and self-loathing haus frau. If their own kids went missing, they wouldn't know it because they're parked on their computers 24x7 simply to cackle with contempt over Jon & Kate's good fortune and with glee over their misfortune.

I am certain of so few things but I'm pretty certain the GWoPPers aren't out there looking for children who are missing or truly exploited.

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