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All Class

So today the GWoPPers are agog and super happy with themselves because Kate's brother and sister-in-law have alledgedly offered their own front-seat Jon & Kate insights to the press.

What is it with brothers these days? Sheesh. If any of my brothers ever volunteer private information about me -- truthfully or otherwise -- it had better pertain to the criminal investigation regarding my untimely and tragic death.

Sorry, but Kevin and Jodi are a little creepy. And definitely all class. First she gives gum to the 3 year olds and now this. I can't for the life of me understand why there might be any estrangement between the two couples, can you?

It's not about whether Keven and Jodi's stories are truthful (and I doubt they are), it's about minding one's own f*cking business. Who died and made Kevin and Jodi (or the GWoPpers) the moral authority on married life, parenthood and family relationships? Take care of your own shit, starting perhaps with your burning need to pass judgment.

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