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Holy Crap! Kudos to the Imperfect Women

If we can believe today's story at radaronline, mucho kudos are due to the imperfect women (who really aren't that imperfect) at the Imperfect Women blog for recently drawing out Kate's mom in defense of Kate. I'm pretty certain it was that gals at Imperfect Women blog who also blew the lid off the whole pennmommy farce.

Get this everyone --- Kate's mom says Jodi, Kevin (her son) and Julie aren't very nice people.

Who knew? (snicker).

Of course, kudos also to Julie and Jodi for the smackdown Kate's mom just gave her son. It takes special, special people to intentionally drive a wedge between mother and son. Here's hoping little Benny's future wife doesn't do the same to you, Jodester. He's learned from the masters. But then, you can always hope he's every bit the idiot that you are and therefore, hasn't learned a thing.

Karma is a bish. Ha ha ha ha ha ha


wow said...

Here is the link . . .

IwannaMarryAgirlJustLikeMom said...

good one about benny!

Karma's a bitch aunt jodi.

I wonder how much jodi's future daughter in law will sell out jodi's family for?

Who knows maybe Jodi is great in the sack and that is why Kevin sold his family and sister down the road for her.

MsGoody2Shoes said...

I hope the TRUTH is revealed about all of the jealous and vindictive backstabbers!

I also want to start a campaign to report GWOP and other Khate blogs as vehicles of harassment and as cyber-bullies!

iwhyawli said...

Funny coincidence. The husband of my gtood friend's cousin's daughter husband is a very famous scientist whose phd dissertion effectively demonstrated that jealous, insecure and vindictive woman are never good in the sack. It's another one of those "which came first the chicken or egg" connundrums.

The more likely reason why Kevin married Jodi is because he is simple-minded.

You Go Girl said...

Funny coincidence. The husband of my gtood friend's cousin's daughter husband is a very famous scientist whose phd dissertion effectively demonstrated that jealous, insecure and vindictive woman are never good in the sack

That's the study Sharla was in, right?

Anonymous said...

From the Nosey Neighbor's blog

I am one of the original founders of GWOP. I resigned over a year ago when I could no longer stomach anything Gosselin. However I have continued to follow the blog and, more recently, the efforts of Paul Petersen and others to finally get some legislation in place to protect children working in reality TV. I am very encouraged by the progress being made, and am impressed with Jon's statement above. Thank you for publishing this. While Jon was a partner in crime for years, at least he seems to have seen the light and is doing what he can to make up for his past mistakes. I believe Mady, Cara, Alexis, Leah, Hannah, Aaden, Colin, and Joel will recognize this and forgive him one day.
October 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSerena Leigh Bell

iwhyawli said...

So typical ... "can't stomach anything Gosselin" yet "continues to follow the blog". These GWOP women are certifiably schizophrenic. I would wonder if they spend a lot of time walking in circles, except that I know that they shun exercise.

iwhyawli said...

Psst, will someone tell Serena that some, if not most kids, actually grow up without ever feeling (for an instant) like they must forgive their parents. Shocking, I know.

NHRN hates Sharla said...

Bullcrap on Serena's reason for leaving Gwop. She had a falling out with Sharla! She and the BL who used to post at gwop call Sharla a dictator. The BL and Serena are child advocates, donchaknow, and they thought Sharla didn't focus on rescuing the poor little Gosselin kids who are forced to go to a great school and swim in a heated pool when they aren't traveling to 5 star resorts for their multiple vacations.

That and she didn't like her ugly mug shot posted you know where

PeggyP said...

I'm fascinated by these people who are allegedly sick of all things Gosselin but who can tell you at the drop of a hat when Kate did something at w minutes & x seconds of Episode y of Season z.

Guess what: the Duggars drive me nuts. I'm appalled by their religious views and I think Michelle gives a fascinating glimpse of what women's lives would be like if women had never gotten the vote or any other legal rights. However, my response is to not watch the show. I don't know if there are any anti-Duggar blogs, facebook pages, or websites because I've never looked for them. The Duggars and people who share their views have every right to believe anything they want to believe. If they try to translate it into the political arena such as getting legislaton passed to put some of their ideas into law, then I would exercise my Constitutional rights to oppose any such legislation.

I find that there's this wonderful device for televisions called the remote control that controls what programs you want and it's very easy to leave a web page that doesn't interest you.

As for Jodi & Kevin-personally, I think he seems afraid of her. As for her, I think she has always believed that she is superior to Kate and can't believe it's Kate who got the show, etc. Even she and Julie describe the cause of the break as Kate's alleged blackballing of what they claim was an offer by TLC to put Jodi & Kevin on contract. It certainly didn't seem to bother Jodi before that to have TLC film her children both at her home and at the Gosselins. As for personal moments, in the unlikely event that the sextuplet's classmates (who after all were going through potty training themselves at the the 6 were and who probably have their own embarrassing photos and videos to prove it) would tease them over the potty training episodes years after they were filmed, what about poor Benny and the binkies aka pacies/pacifiers. Kid's so hard up he has to get his cousins' gross, used, cast off pacifiers . . THE SHAME!!! What kind of mother would let her baby be filmed getting hand-me-down pacifiers!!

Will the real child advocate please stand up! said...

Now PeggyP, there you go reminding lil Bennie about his hand me down pacifiers when Jodi wants him to concentrate on how to be a big wuss of a husband like dear old kick your sister to the curb Dad. Wonder if little Bens sister has nightmares.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about Julie.Julie is a self center,attention seeking,money obsessed media whore.I feel that she started these stories in an attempt to defend her sister who got kicked off of the show for money reasons.Don't beleive a word this vindictive little tramp says!!!

Anonymous said...

About that fake story that Imperfect Women put up? I thought they were the marvelous trackers of all false stories?

iwhyawli said...

Pennmommy? Is that you?

You seem a little bitter. Still grieving?

Anonymous said...

You know nothing. Sharla and Serena didn't have a falling out. they are still friends you stupid lout. Just because you're sitting there dispatching taxis with no iife doesn't mean the rest of us are demented fat cows.

Blogging lawyer was expelled for being a nutcase. So much for you thinking you know anything.

Did you see Sharla's picture? Aren't you jealous?

Anonymous said...

Want to report blogs? Then shut this hate site down. You are hating on people merely for having an opinion you don't like. How sick and stupid is that?

Anonymous said...

The truth is Sharla is a happy, wonderful person. Can't stand that can you? Serena is a lovely caring mother. What are you cows?
Alcoholic drug addicted wasters? These women have great lives. What is your inventory?

iwhyawli said...

Hmmmmm.... I'd say someone's "quiet, little Thanksgiving with just her and the cats" was a little too quiet.

Anonymous said...

How are you and your son doing sitting home with just ma? You're a lying sack of filth. Doncha get bored dispatching taxis?