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Kate is Trying Too Hard

Okay. I'm about to make a whole lot of GWOPPERS very happy. Here it goes.

I, iwhyawli, did not like last night's Season Premiere epsiode of Kate Plus Eight, which I am now re-watching so I can try to pinpoint what it was that bugged me so.

It wasn't the kids. All the kids are still super cute. They're definitely not the problem.

The problem is Kate. She's trying too hard.

Let's see if I can explain this better. There were definitely moments during the show where Kate is just being a mom and we are watching Kate just being a mom. Those parts are okay.

But then, there were other very obvious moments where Kate is putting on a show for the camera, and those were the moments that bugged me. Two examples: Running down the street with the icecream cones and (I can barely stand to type it out) the whole incredibly stoopid "Turtle Turds and Ostrich Boogie" schtick that went on endlessly. Oh that wacky Kate! What will she do next? Drive the Statue of Liberty ferry boat ? You betcha.

Did Kate just say she's not a very good "Boat Driver Ferry Person?" Oh, how cute. yuk yuk yuk

And now, I'm about to make a whole lot of GWOPPERS very unhappy.

The Kate that I so disliked on last night's episode ? Reminded me of the GWOPPERS and their eternal mommy quest to turn every waking moment an all-about-me, ootsey-cutesy Hallmark moment.

Kate's hand gesturing with the fake acrylic nails also bug me. I feel like I'm watching some sort of SNL Barbara Stresand parody from the late 80's. I also have no real need to see multiple side shots of saggy boob cleavage.

Okee dookee., iwhyawli is done complaining and I gotta run, y'all. "So let's turn around and say good-bye to the statue, everybody. She'll just get smaller and smaller now. Say Thank you, everyone, thank you for being the symbol of our freedom, Lady Liberty. "



Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you,IWHY, totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Better watch out IWHY. The Sagers/BM/IW crew will come after for daring to say Kate G. is anything but a struggling single mom trying to give her kids a good life the best that she can. What ever will you do when you're accused of being a jealous hater who is too stupid to get Kate's dry sense of humor? I have a suggestion. Tell them to go suck Kate's big ugly toes.

I Invented Turtle Turds, Not Kate said...

Her clothes were just stupid. So were Jamie's.

More kids, please TLC.

iwhyawli said...

Dear anon@4:36pm, hi.

I'll have to re-read my post but the closest I came to saying anything remotely like "Kate G is [fill in the blank]" is "Kate G doesn't mug for the camera in an enjoyable manner".

IMO, Kate *IS* a struggling single mom trying to give her kids a good like the best she can, and if I've given you any other impression then you just may have some sort of reading comprehension problem.

See? I know it's tough for you GWOPPERS to get this distinction, but try again. There's a not so wee difference between a) stating an opinion that you didn't really like the Season Premiere episode because you felt like Kate spent too much time mugging for the camera and b) taping fake bombs to yourself, walking into the corporate offices of Discovery Channel with a gun and holding people hostage all day because you didn't really like the Season Premiere episode of Kate Plus Eight. One of those is just one overly crabby, overheated woman's opinion. The other is a judgement made by a complete fruitloop, who most likely devoured every word of your stupid GWOP blog as if he were hearing
voices telling him "DO IT! DO IT!"

So far, no sagers, BM-ers or IW-ers are standing in the comment line with their torches and pitchforks. Ha ha Guess what? You're wrong again. Imagine that.

I Post at IW said...

I post at IW and don't plan on forming a posse.

Iwhy's gripes are perfectly reasonable and don't even cause me to blink an eye.

I think Iwhy is mainly advising Kate to take it down a notch. Fair enough.

The ice cream thing was stupid and I'm sure that was the producer's idea - not Kate's.

I like Kate. I admire a lot about Kate. I think Kate is pretty. I could go on, but even *I* was rolling my eyes the 45th time she said "Lady Liberty"!!!

Thanks for keeping it real, Iwhy.

No Pitchfork Here said...

Well this IW crew member tends to agree with Iwhyawli. See we have open minds and can see the negatives along with the positives and are not afraid to discuss it or admit it.

The show is what it is and when it doesn't interest me anymore or I become annoyed by it, I won't watch anymore. Plain and simple. It is called turning the channel. It is not called starting a hate campaign.

Anonymous said...

Y'all just proved my point by attacking me. I am not nor have I ever been a GWOPPER. I follow the spin made on pro-Kate and anti-Kate blogs alike with amusement. It's possible to have an open mind and think Kate is a shitty mother too ya know. It's called having a different opinion but to you guys anyone who can't stand Kate has to be a crazy GWOPPER on a hate campaign. IW and Sage and BM are spending everyday of their lives defending Kate from the GWOPPERS they think they see around every corner of the internet. What a waste of time. A woman like Kate isn't all that worthy of defending. That is my non-GWOPPER open mind OPINION that just so happens to differ with yours. Now attack away like I know you will you predictable biatches.

Dr. Shawn said...

Amen Sista!!!

Puff said...

I'm a Sager,IW, Ziggyflo, and GWOP Without Pity reader and poster and I think you do need to watch out IWHY. Watch out for the crazy Anonymous said...posters who either don't get it or refuse to get it, and especially the ones who think they can perform snark comedy better than you.

Silly anon's no one can best the IWHY. She is and always will be the Queen of tongue in cheek snark , especially to gwoppers and we wait in awestruck anticipation of her next post.

You anonymous said get a 50lb bag of SHUT UP as the prize for your stupid remarks about Sage, IW and BM, and IWHY.

iwhyawli said...

anon@6:50m? You may need psychiatric help.

Dr. Shawn said...

My Amen Sista was to No Pitchfork Here!!!

Dancing? Mugging? As Long As It Pays Well said...

It's called having a different opinion but to you guys anyone who can't stand Kate has to be a crazy GWOPPER on a hate campaign.

IW and Sage and BM are spending everyday of their lives defending Kate from the GWOPPERS they think they see around every corner of the internet.

I can't believe you wrote those two sentences back to back. You have no self-awareness.

Seems you are the one here who has trouble handling diffrent opinions.

Your original point is that IWHY would be called a jealous hater. She wasn't. You generalized posters on three or four sites because the majority disagree with you.

In other words, you're an idiot.

I love to mock you idiots. Thanks for reading.

a-non-gwopper said...

You are all way too overinvested in Kate Gosselin. I hope y'all get this uppity and passionate when it comes to social and political issues that actually matter. My guess is you only debate by keyboard and let the real world pass you by.

When someone disagrees with your opinion on Kate Gosselin you immediately attack by analyzing every word of the post and calling the person a GWOPPER and saying they need psychiatric help. At the same time you criticize the GWOPPERS for analyzing every word Kate says and for calling Kate a narcissist. That my dears is a lack of self awareness. That is hypocrisy. It's funny how stupid you are.

Anonymous said...

Kate's no dummy. She probably knew that letting her boobs hang out would get all the Gwoppers riled up. Now they can't wait for Twist of Kate to see what she will wear. And they will justify watching it by saying that the kids aren't in it because, of course, they are child advocates.

iwhyawli said...

Well gee. I'm not at all sure what you're talking about, anon@5:22am. Despite you're initial assertion and kind warning, so far no one here seems to disagree with my assessment of Kate's mugging-for-the-camera on her Season Premiere, including possibly you.

Far be it from me to suggest that the only "uppity and passionate attacking" (rolling my eyes) that's going on here is by you, which is why I suggest that you seek psychiatric help. Immediate psychiatric help. The rest of us are simply making fun of you and your friends at GWOP. Or, if they're not your friends, they should be. You act just like them.

This is a parody blog, you ding dong. I (we) mimic and mock most everything the GWOPPERS do (except maybe tape bombs to ourselves ) because I once wondered how the GWOPPERS would like if they were on the receiving end of their own judgments. (They don't, btw). So when you call me a hypocrit or complain that I'm behaving no differently than the GWOPPERS, it's sorta like --- ding! ding! ding! --- you get it. But unfortunately, you don't get it, do you?

It's very complex, isn't it?

momsby said...

Ahh, so great to have you back IWHY. Bring on the snark:)

So you did not like the show?( I haven't watched it yet)

If I watch & I like it I may just have to round up my posse and meet you at the back of the school to settle this. *EYE ROLLS*

ZiggyFlo said...

So I guess I'm supposed to show up and punch you around a bit for criticizing Kate,I guess, IWHY. Please forgive me for being a bit slow on the uptake on that.

You had gripes about things which were legitimate to you without throwing yourself on the floor screaming "It's about this kids, I'm a child advocate, what about the kids". You didn't criticize what type of mother she is, didn't accuse her of abusing the kids, didn't accuse her of abandoning the kids, didn't accuse her of using the kids, didn't accuse her of neglecting the kids, etc. Damn, you didn't even criticize her hooker heels...

So I guess I'll just have to pass on the punching you out. I hope you'll forgive me for passing on this. Gosh, I know the child advocates were really looking forward to it.

PeggyP said...

To the various anonymous (except the one at 12:39 pm on 9/1/2010 and the one at September 3, 2010 9:27 AM)-People disagreeing with you is NOT the same thing as being attacked. As for what IWHYAWLI said in her post, there's nothing in that inconsistent with Kate being a struggling single mother, etc. Even in totally private life, even the people we love can have tics and mannerisms that drive us slightly nuts without changing our positive feelings for them so I I have no problem with someone like IWHYAWLI who is fair and respectful to Kate admitting that she doesn't adore everything Kate does and how she does it.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I also post on ZiggyFlo, SWE, and IW so, if you want an angry mob with pitchforks and flaming torches, you're going to have to supply your own.