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Your favorite bits from Hailey's Big Interview

Let's see. I'm torn between:

"I stay in my house with my parents where I feel safe. Take my 15 minutes, you can have it back. Please take it back!"


"He's my first love."

Both are stunningly hilarious. What were your favorite parts of the big interview?


iwhyawli said...

Here's another candidate:

She claims that "Kate's going for the sympathy card" but then knits this into the discussion ...

"To be honest, this whole thing, I have lost my happiness through this all. I don't want to say the public and media stripped me of my self-esteem. But they really have. I've been the sacrificial lamb in this situation."

Poor baby. Does someone have a pacifier for the wittle whore?

Linda said...

"He's like a 32 yr. old version of me."

There are no words . . . there are no words.

Up with Sheeple said...

About the hottie that "babysits" in Jon's apartment all night long, Hailey says,

"Jon has a good heart, she has a child and he felt bad. He knows how it feels to have a child and not be able to afford, you know, so he hired her to give her a job."

The world's oldest profession.

iwhyawli said...

hee hee hhee Judging by the comments at E!, I'd say this intereview didn't go to well for the Hailster. The GWOPPERS need to high-tail it over there TOOT-SWEET* and balance things out.

Planning. Planning. Planning. Hailey. It's so important.

*Note to Laura Linger: This is that way Hailey spells it, even though she's just been to France. It's the gangsta-girl equivalent to dotting your "i'" with hearts or smiley faces.

Marissa said...

"Jon has a good heart, she has a child and he felt bad. He knows how it feels to have a child and not be able to afford, you know, so he hired her to give her a job."

And a job she gave! :)

LR said...

I'm not sure which comment was my favorite since the whole thing was a hoot, but it's pretty bad when Deanna Hummel comes off as the most normal of Jon's new booty calls.

Anonymous said...

I loved the toned down look, the straightened hair, the make-up. She can dress it up any way she wants, but she's still a whore.

I think it was hilarious that she tried to say that allllllll those pictures out there were taken when she was 18. And not a day older dammit! And, of course, when she tried to use big words.

Oh, and side note, when Kate Major said she "didn't want to be the other woman in his life." Um, hello, he's still MARRIED.

Anonymous said...

brenda said...(AKA Silly GWOPPER)
"Jon and Kate have moved on with their lives -- it's only the viewers who haven't moved on," explains Hailey.


No you idiot. This viewer moved on 2 seasons ago. Your boyfriend Jon is a hasbeen washed up reality show loser. Maybe you should move on, Hailey dear.
Obviously BRENDA doesn't understand the term "move on" since she's still talking about Jon and Kate.
Dumb broad.

Truman Burbank Jr. said...

Hailey said, "He's my first love."


That's what Sharla Smith said too!

Anonymous said...

I just read this, it has nothing to do with the stupid interview, but I thought it was hysterical.

Jon's heart might belong to Hailey but his dick belongs
to the world.


iwhyawli said...

Sorta looks like no one watched this interview. Ha aha ha ha

Joe said...

"The father of eight has reportedly blown through his share of the proceeds from the series' most recent season, while Kate, 34, put a large portion of her money into a college fund for their kids.

Jon's paid a price for his public partying and womanizing in court, too.

Sources said a judge handed Kate control over the family's money because she was considered the more responsible party.

The octodad, who is accused of selling photos and stories to the tabloids, is said to not be happy with the ruling that only allows him limited access to their joint account."

Hahahaha! Wonder if Hailey will still want him when he's broke!

Anonymous said...

I didnt watch because Hailey is sick for dateing a man that has a wife.