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Get Jon Gosselin STAT

As you can see by the illustration below, GWOP is in urgent need of Jon's IT Specialist skills. If I'm not mistaken, the "specialist" now stands for "web developer" (wink, wink).

Jon, I realize you're now too famous to work but after all these women have done for you and your family, surely can you help them out. For free, of course.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
iwhyawli said...

I've no idea what that link represents.

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli said...
I've no idea what that link represents.

November 14, 2009 6:40 PM
The trustee to Kates house.

Anonymous said...

Iwhy -

I'm wondering if you'll consider removing the post that provides the Gs address.

I know that the loons over at GWOP already have access to the Gosselins address, but I don't think that this site should make it easy for them.

That being said, I've never been sure about what the big deal is that the G home is in a trust. Our house is in a trust. It is simply a way to avoid probate. The trustee is the person who wrote and now administers the trust.

iwhyawli said...

Sure, good idea, I removed it.

I'm guessing thel ink was submitted in good faith to demonstrate to the stupid GWOPPERS that the title to the house most likely belongs to the kids, and not Jon or Kate. There must be some sort of heated discussion about the house going on elsewhere since there hasn't been word #1 said about it here.

Anyhoo, I agree that the trust is no big deal, especially since the house will now most likely fall into foreclosure since Jon's too famous to work anymore and he insists on cancelling the family's only reliable source of income. Let's also not forget that he's just one month away from losing TLC's motion for injunctive relief.

Hopefully no additional harm has been done to the trustee. The Gosselins have been in the house for months and I'm sure GWOP has already dug up everything the world needs to know about the trust, the trustee, the trustee's family, the trustee's horoscope, the trustee's food fetishes, the trustee's choice of paint color in the dining roon, the trustee's Thanksgiving plans, the trustee's Farmville score, etc. etc.

My 2 cents said...

The trust proves to me that Kate is a great mom and knows how to behave like a responsible rich parent. A judge put Kate in charge of the household bills for a reason. A judge made Jon return the family's money for a reason. Jon is too irresponsible to be an adequate head of household. He has party girl Hailey handle his schedule because he can't. I was no Kate fan from the show. I am now. If she can keep her $%!t together through her messy divorce she deserves fans.

Anonymous said...

OMG the woman on your blog looks like the UGLY TROLL version of Fiona from Shrek!!!!!!!! Her nose, the troll like features of that cartoon character is her!

LOOK! Just add glasses

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Moon has reported Matt Heckman to word press. Shes trying to say Matt works for Kate and hes trying to kill her. Moon and her followers are so crazy.

Moon is nuts said...

Matt Heckman
November 16, 2009 at 4:12 pm
Outside of making comments to existing posts, I’m unable to create new ones or edit existing ones.

Moon and her cult told them that I work for Kate Gosselin and that she is paying me boat loads of money to have Moon killed.

This woman is just plain crazy. Psychic? More like Psycho.

I don’t even know Kate Gosselin personally and have only encountered her years ago when she was still a nurse as she was involved in the delivery of my oldest son Brenden.

Unlike Moon and her cult I tend to keep a neutral point of view with The Gosselin drama, as based on what I have read about the church scams I think she needs to answer questions to that or clear the air on that. Now do I believe like Moon and her cult that Kate got knocked up for money? No. We all have our way in loving our kids and I’m sure Kate has hers, and as a nurse from my experience and my wife’s experience she was nothing but a professional that adored kids.

Naturally in the end the truth comes out so we will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to reveal that the picture of the Gwooper is Serena? Quite a few of us know this from her days prior to GWOP.

fack Moon~ said...

The Moonies are facking fruitcakes. I hope Matt Heckman sues Moon for defamation.

Moon is just evil and so are the people who kiss her ass.

Anonymous Psychic said...

If Moon or her followers really think that Kate got knocked up for money, they are truly retarded.


the spirits have spoken

Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE NEW COURT PAPERS: Lawyers Demand TLC Make Jon Gosselin's Contract PublicEXCLUSIVE NEW COURT PAPERS: Lawyers Demand TLC Make Jon Gosselin's Contract Public
Posted on Nov 16, 2009 @ 04:42PM print it send it
INF DailyJon Gosselin's lawyers are demanding that a court not allow TLC to seal the reality star's contract in their legal battle, according to new court papers obtained exclusively by

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Click Here To Read The New Court Papers

In Defendant's Response To Plaintiff's Motion To Seal Certain Exhibits, Jon's lawyers claim that TLC is "hiding" its contract from the public and from the state of Pennsylvania, which is investigating potential violations of child labor laws.

PHOTOS: Jon Hangs With The Kids

And cranking up the rhetoric, Jon's lawyers say they have a lesson for The Learning Channel. They write: "The Plaintiff's contract herein will no doubt become a "learning tool" used in "Contract 101" Law School classes as an example of what not to do when drafting an agreement that you want to be enforceable."

PHOTOS: Jon And Kate's Separate Errands

It's all part of TLC's breach of contract suit against Jon, who, as was first to report, is countersuing the network for $5 million.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Goes Shopping

Team Jon, led by lawyer Mark Heller and Maryland lawyer Christopher Hostage, are continuing their argument that Jon's contract with TLC is overly restrictive and against Public Policy.

PHOTOS: Jon Carves Pumpkins With The Kids

TLC wants the court to seal the contract. Meanwhile, the network's motion for a preliminary injunction stopping Jon from making other non network approved media appearances or taking on TV jobs, will be heard Dec. 14 in Montgomery County, MD Circuit Court.

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin Arrives In Hawaii

In the new court papers, Jon's lawyers also claim TLC has been questioned by Pennsylvania officials about work permits. Jon's lawyers write: "Plaintiff's request to seal the documents demonstrates its desire to covet its overreaching and unconscionable terms from Public scrutiny and to shield it from discovery and analysis by third parties, such as the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry which is investigating the Plaintiff's failure to acquire Work Permits for the Gosselin children and the Local Municipality which has been inquiring into Plaintiff's "location/film permit" requirements where the show was filmed."

OMG, Jon is a douche said...

Does anyone know, was Jon fired from all his previous IT jobs? And whatever happened with his job when he worked for Beths husband? What did he do and was he canned there too?

txchic25 said...

I know this doesn't go along with the thread but I couldn't wait to post it. This was a comment at GWOP.

"That is just plain to cruel to celebrate your 10th anniversary with your kids without your husband who happens to be their father, when the kids are suffering through a fricking divorce."

Say what?? Hmmm, what else are supposed to do, celebrate it with your husband that your divorcing?? I'm truly worried about who this poster really is and what role they carry in society. I'm hoping it's not a big one. Oh, and I go to GWOPland to get my daily laugh.

Anonymous said...

Lisa kmart and her ass wipes are talking about Little people big world Amy is a villan and Matt's a saint what a bunch of nuts.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kate Major Retains Lawyer to Sue Jon GosselinEXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kate Major Retains Lawyer to Sue Jon Gosselin
Posted on Nov 18, 2009 @ 01:05PM print it send it
INF DailyJon Gosselin’s embarrassingly public blunders are hitting him right where it counts – the wallet. has learned exclusively that the reality dad’s former fling, Kate Major, has retained an attorney and is moving forward with plans to sue him for breach of contract.

PHOTOS: Kate Major and Jon Gosselin in The Hamptons

“Kate called me and has retained my services regarding a possible breach of contract between herself and Jon Gosselin,” Major’s attorney, Ben Pietra, confirmed to exclusively. “We are keeping our legal options open, but if a breach of contract has occurred, we will be moving forward with a lawsuit.”

As reported exclusively earlier Wednesday, Gosselin and Major signed a secret handwritten agreement back in June, in which Kate agreed to work for Jon as his personal assistant, earning a percentage from his accounts and pledging not to talk to the media about their relationship.

See Jon and Kate Major’s Secret Agreement

That document is likely to be the centerpiece of the new litigation against Jon, who is already facing a breach of contract action from TLC.

"Kate 2.0 and Jon spent a weekend in a hotel where they drew up the contract,” a well-placed source told Kate had just resigned from her position as an entertainment magazine reporter, and according to the source, “Jon told her he would match the salary she was making at the magazine if she came to work for him as his personal employee.”

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin Visits Synagogue

The source added: “Jon drafted the agreement and they both signed it.”

PHOTOS: Jon in The Hamptons without Kate 2.0

Now Major wants payback for the time she says she wasted waiting for Gosselin to make good on his promises.

Along with breach of contract, an insider tells that the 26-year-old also plans to sue for fraud and loss of wages.

VIDEO: Kate Major cries over Jon during TV interview

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This guy is as dumb as a box of rocks. I don't care what anyone says -- stupidity cannot be blamed on Kate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

CHECK this out! Jon is at it again, CHEATING and trying to work his fake charm in Hawaii!...........

Anonymous said...

Why is it reported he's cheating on Hailey? Is he not still a legally married man, therefor cheating on Kate?


Anonymous said...

The picture of Serena aka Mary (hrn)makes me chuckle. If the GWOPPERS knew what Serena looked like would have they truly been able to make fun of Kate with a straight face?

Serena seems to be gone now. She only shows up if CNN knocks on GWoP's door or an article is written where she is quoted. She disappears after that. I think she is embarrassed by the women that post at GWoP and of her fellow mods.

Anonymous said...

I read on Matt Heckman's blog about a Dana Hoffman, who works for the Reading Eagle and according to Matt had a key role on starting the GWOP blog. What strikes me funny is that apparently, she was told by the Eagle to stop blogging.

HMMM... could she be our beloved Serena?

Anonymous said...

Hey iwhy -

How about you do a review of all of the Gwoppers of the month with their identities revealed?

Something Fugly About Mary said...

Anonymous said...
The picture of Serena aka Mary (hrn)makes me chuckle. If the GWOPPERS knew what Serena looked like would have they truly been able to make fun of Kate with a straight face?

Serena seems to be gone now. She only shows up if CNN knocks on GWoP's door or an article is written where she is quoted. She disappears after that. I think she is embarrassed by the women that post at GWoP and of her fellow mods.

November 19, 2009 4:08 PM


Serena (Mary) and Sharla (nhrn) should be embarrassed, ashamed and regretful.

Embarrassed because of the content that they allow posted on GWOP. Ashamed because of the purpose and mission of GWOP. Regretful because they have wasted so much time and effort and they have accomplished NOTHING!

NOTHING Sharla! Jon and Kate would have imploded on their own. I seriously doubt you had any impact on their lives other than Kate thinking she needs extra security for her and the kids. You are NOT a child advocate. Sharla what I think you are is a real hateful and stupid woman to have created such a hateful and stupid blog.

Sharla and Serena you are both FUGLY on the inside.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Contract And Payments That Will Destroy Jon Gosselin In CourtEXCLUSIVE: The Secret Contract And Payments That Will Destroy Jon Gosselin In Court
Posted on Nov 20, 2009 @ 02:08PM print it send it
INF DailyJon Gosselin entered into a secret deal to earn money in violation of his TLC contract, and has obtained the document that proves it.

The document is a contract that spells out a business relationship between Jon, Hailey Glassman, Mike Heller and Michael Lohan.

Click here to see the exclusive document

And although it is unsigned, the contract led to Jon being paid for outside appearances that violated his TLC deal, Michael Lohan told exclusively.

PHOTOS: Jon And Hailey Party In A Bar

The document plus those payments could be the “smoking gun” that will doom Jon in the breach of contract action brought against him by TLC.

PHOTOS: Jon Takes The Girls To The Movies

The document spells out a business relationship between Heller and Lohan, and says they have “entered into an agreement with Jon Gosselin... pursuant to which TR is entitled to certain fees resulting from the arrangement of business transactions on behalf of Gosselin and Glassman (the “TR Management Agreement”).

PHOTOS: Jon and Kate's Separate Errands

TR is a company that was a joint venture of Lohan’s company and Mike Heller’s company.

But Heller never signed the contract after his father Mark advised him against it, according to Lohan.

PHOTOS: Kate Works Out In Hot Pink Outfit!

“I brought Jon to the table so I told Michael Heller we needed an agreement. He said no problem,” Lohan said, explaining the origin of the document. “We were representing him. If we got him interviews, if he did promotional events, anything.

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin & The Kids Hang Out At The Family Home

“I brought Jon Gosselin to Mike Heller, so Michael had an obligation to pay me a percentage of what he made.”

And, in what is sure to be strong evidence for TLC and its law firm Williams & Connolly, Lohan says he was paid for deals that Jon made money from – deals that violate Jon’s TLC agreement.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Parks Illegally

Heller “was paying me all along, which basically proves that I did have a deal with him. Why was he paying me checks and giving my wife and my son checks?” Lohan told

PHOTOS: Kate and the Kids At The Playground

Lohan said some of the payments he received for helping get Jon paying gigs was in cash.

“A lot of it was cash, so I would imagine that there were a lot of things that I wasn’t paid for too,” Lohan told “We’re going to find out in this court case, when they’re deposed we’re going to find out exactly.”

PHOTOS: Kate Major and Jon Gosselin in The Hamptons

The fact that a paper trail exists on outside business deals for Jon will be powerful evidence for TLC and its law firm, Williams & Connolly, as they seek a preliminary injunction against Jon in December.

PHOTOS: Jon & Kate Send The Kids To School

They are sure to argue that the contract and the payments prove Jon was developing (and executing) business opportunities knowingly in violation of his TLC contract.

PHOTOS: Kate Takes Girls on Post Doctor Treat

Paul Gaffney, the lead attorney for Williams & Connolly on this case, will depose a number of people who were close to Jon during this summer when TLC says he began breaching his contract.

Anonymous said...

Paper Boy said...

Paper Boy said...

GOOD ONE...calling out Kate Hate blogs...

Paper Boy said...

Paper Boy said...

Paper Boy said...

Paper Boy said...