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Thoughts about Paul Petersen

I'll start by saying I know next to nothing about Paul Petersen. I don't believe I've ever seen "Father Knows Best" but I have seen "Marcus Welby, M.D." so I'll continue.

My problem with Paul Petersen is the same fundamental problem I have with all GWOPPERS. I honestly don't know what they're all so upset about and I don't think they do either.

In GWOP's thread titled Thoughts from Paul Peterson, I was certain all my questions would be answered but no such luck. Amidst all his mumb0-jumbo about Lee Ann Rimes, Jackie Coogan the "Principle of Disaffirmance", a biological imperative to reproduce and beasts of burden, what he wants still wasn't clear.

If he's pissed that Donna Reed and Robert Young never taught him how to write a coherent paragraph, okay, I'd understand that. Otherwise, is he pissed about "parental theft" or is he pissed about "the loss of eight children's freedom and privacy"? He mentions both and then some during the course of one very long, never-ending rambling mess.

If I had to guess, I'd guess Paul Petersen is mostly pissed about parents who fritter away the money made by their famous kids. I'd be pissed about that too. If there aren't laws to protect the income earned by child stars , there should be*. But then why does Paul Petersen also mention the 'freedom and privacy' stuff? Can there be child stardom without some loss of freedom and privacy? Isn't that loss of freedom and privacy the very thing, at least in part, that a child star (or any celebrity) is compensated for? Yet Paul asserts "there's no house big enough" blah, blah, blah...
yeah, excuse me while I get my tissues.

Which is it, Paul ? Your position is either: a) anti-child stardom where there is no loss of freedom/privacy and no opportunity for "parental theft" or b) you're okay with child stardom as long as there are laws protecting the child's income.

You can't argue both positions, Paul. You'll only wind up talking in circles and people like Maria Shriver or any other [jodi]politician with a heart for children[jodi] will never take you seriously. Even worse, you wind up on gwopwop with iwhyawli making fun of you.

* Paul's need for legal guardians , however, is just wacky crackpot talk.


Val said...

Paul Peterson is the epitome of a child exploiter. He only attaches himself onto the whole Gosselin saga to get his own face on tv. Stupid TV producers don't do their homework when booking him (ex.Jane Vilez Mitchell).

Why isn't he going after Michelle Duggar, Mrs. Roloff, or the Toddlers and Tiara's show? He's an idiot who is just as bad as any gwopper.

PP talks out of his ass because he doesn't have anything intelligent or worthwhile talking out of his mouth. He needs to retire. He's a bitter old man who doesn't understand the workings of 2009.

Ishoulbeworking said...

When gwop contacted him the first time, he sent them back an email saying that he wasn't very concerned about it. Six months later when they started appearing in rags, he was all about "saving the Gosselin children".

That, to me, is an opportunist. Six months prior, the kids were still on tv. Why didn't he care about them then? Because no one but gwop did and that wouldn't land him on tv?

Anonymous said...

Paul Peterson disappointed the gwoppies last winter by appearing on Bill O'Rielly without mentioning the Gosselins. So what DID he say there? Why, he was promoting the sale of DVD's of the TV show he was on in the 50's. You know, the TV show that made him so famous as a teen that his life spiralled out of control and he ended up on drugs or alcohol with his parents robbing him blind? Yeah, that TV show! Available in a golden anniversary edition boxed DVD gift set for $49.99.

Dawn said...

Paul Peterson is a whack job. Dude needs to be given his meds and sit down like a good old geezer.

Agent 99 said...

"Your position is either: a) anti-child stardom where there is no loss of freedom/privacy and no opportunity for "parental theft" or b) you're okay with child stardom as long as there are laws protecting the child's income."

Excellent point!! I'd like to add that discussion of paper plates, hair styles, clothing, shoes, decorating style, personality, or anything else among a long list of reason's people give for their hatred of Kate (in particular) has NO place in determining whether children are being exploited or abused. None.

I'm also sick of the haters insisting the kids will all end up messed up. In order for them to be satisfied, the kids will have to end up messed up so that they can smugly say "I told you so." They are projecting a horrible vision onto these kids they claim to care so much about, unable to see their own exploitation of these children. Something tells me that the hatred aimed at their mother is far more potentially damaging than anything their parent's have done.

Gail said...

I knew you were stupid but you just confirmed it even farther. He was on "The Donna Reed Show" asshole and you and your two or three posters slamming him is just showing what fucking idiots you are. I guess those who beat their own kids think anybody who tries to help kids is wrong.

Kate is a HORRIBLE mother and the fact that you defend her proves that you are either a child abuser, molester or exploiter. Good for you. You and Kate will live in Hell together. I hope CPS pays a visit to your home very soon.

Your name has been discovered iwhine.

We'll keep you waiting. It's much more fun.

iwhyawli said...

I like suspense too, Gail. When you do publish my real name, will you do it here? I could use the blog hits.

Uwhine said...

Apparently, the cruelest insult to Paul Peterson is getting the name of his 1950's sitcom wrong. What if people end up buying "Father Knows Best" DVD's instead of the correct "Donna Reed Show" DVD's to get a glimpse of their hero being child-exploited? THEN how will Paul support himself in order to fight for the Gosselins-not-the-Duggars? He might be reduced to setting up a donations box in St. Louis?

Anonymous said...

What an ugly little person you are, Gail.

Marissa said...

I love how every once in a while you let a crazy slip by Iwhy. Our friend Gail here, who has a lovely firey FU blogger id.

Yeah, you got the Donna Reed Show correct. Because, that was the whole point of Iwhy's post. NOT! You moron Gail. There's nothing worse than an old woman who swears like a sailor. I imagine you Gail, as a rotund woman with long gray hair, straight, parted in the middle. No makeup. I'm right, yes?Child advocates don't look pretty. You are all ugly, stupid and ignorant, supporting both of the definition of ignorance.

Yeah, you're one to protect the children Gail. Go back to under your bridge. And take that ridiculous notion that you think you know Iwhy's name.

Silly cow.

What's My Name? said...

Gail Gail, so much hate for such little a brain. Why do you care so much about a women who is on TV. Don't watch the show, you might have a heart attack. Hatred is not good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is who appointed the GWOPPERS and related haters God and gave them the power to decide what kind of mother Kate is? ... No one has the right to judge anyone on their mothering styles...especially from the limited exposure of a television program. The constant claims that Kate is a HORRIBLE mother or Kate is NOT a mother or Kate is only a BIRTH mother are ignorant to say the least. Children who are abused and neglected do not show the obvious love that all of the Gosselin children have for their parents, no matter what other problems said parents may have.

Pay attention to your own children. If child advocacy means belitting the mother of eight children who are so obviously loved and cared for by their parents, even if their style is not the same is yours, then I can only imagine the way you parent your own children.

Jess said...

"Kate is a HORRIBLE mother and the fact that you defend her proves that you are either a child abuser, molester or exploiter. Good for you. You and Kate will live in Hell together. I hope CPS pays a visit to your home very soon."

Grow the fuck up, Gail. It is a sorry fucking excuse for a human that would equate disagreeing with your idea of the perfect mom with a child molester,abuser, etc.

Crazy bitch. Get off the computer and take your fucking meds.

Anonymous said...

Gail sounds like she is threatening you. Please call the authorities and have her arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay. She should be beaten daily and forced to eat dog food.

Sorry. I just came from LisaK's site and I got carried away.

Anonymous said...

Gail honey, I think you need a drink.

DD made the whole thing up said...

Sure Gail,

Just like Pat did over at Dirty Disher. She picked a picture off of Facebook and claimed it was Iwhyli. She made the whole thing up to get more visits to her site. You can pretty much claim Iwhyli is whoever you want to and people won't know the difference.

Gail is Gonna Blow said...

I wonder if Gail could get a gig as a spokesperson for GWoP now that Serena seems to have gone missing (again). She represents everything that is at the heart of GWoP. Such class!

Oh yeah. Paul Peterson is a washed up, bitter opportunist who has done virtually nothing to help children, but has managed to line his pockets, I am sure. I bet all the other child stars avoid him at cocktail parties.

Anonymous said...

the ruling Paul Peterson pushed for Octa Mom about them having a financial guardian was overturned. Be gone, Paul Peterson and Gloria Allred,

Anonymous said...

August 10, 2009 11:28 PM Gail is Lisa K click on Gails name. She had one of these same comments on her page to that Sammy person.

Anonymous said...

Lisa K's Her old blog spot retro left peoples info out in the open you could click on there names and see there full names where they were from I copied them all and saved them all. Lisa k is Gail click on her name she had the same fuc* you on one of her comments on her blog.

Anonymous said...

Gail is Lisak. Lisak took here ugly pig face picture of herself down off her blog. I have her picture im going to make a blog about her and her ugly pig face.

Anonymous said...

Gail is a low life. She needs to worry about her own kids if she has some.

Mad Props said...

Annonymous @ August 11, 2009 1:14 PM

Mad props to you. Linking Gail to LisaK was some pretty fine cyber sluething.

octo mom wins appeal said...

Paul Peterson is a tool said...

Nobody can say for certain how being on tv will affect the Gosselin children. I think it will probably open up a lot of doors for them and their celebrity will be more of a benefit than a hinderance.

Paul Peterson made some money writing adventure stories. Maybe he would not have sold any stories had he not been a former child star.

Who and whatever Paul Peterson currently enjoys in his life might not be there had he never acted.

So Paul Peterson STFU and embrace your destiny bitch! (That's what I would tell him if ever I met him in public...yeah right)

Trivia Bitch said...

Is it any surprise that Paul Peterson acts like an a-hole?

Interesting Trivia about Paul Peterson from

Was allegedly fired from "The Mickey Mouse Club" (1955) by Walt Disney himself for "conduct unbecoming"--for bad behavior. One incident included punching the casting director in the stomach for being called a "mouse" one too many times.

Brenda said...

Paul Peterson is a prick. Plain and simple. Anbody who gets fired from the Mickey Mouse club has some serious issues.

We know he's bitter, now we also know he's combastive for sure.

Anonymous said...

Paul Peterson was sexually abused by a crew member at the Mickey Mouse Club.

You are a sad human who obviously hates all men. I guess the men that took your kids away didn't want to fuck you. Nobody does.

iwhyawli said...

^^^^ That there is perfectly normal comment, yep. No sign of psychosis there, no siree. Move along, y'all. Nothing to see here.

Sassypaws said...

Paul Peterson is a well-respected advocate who works to improve conditions for child actors and to assist in the transition between working as a child actor and adult life. He has seen (as we all have) the problems that former child actors can develop and wishes to help. His concerns for the Gosselin children centers on the impact that long workdays and constant filming will have on their growth and development. I too share his concerns.

These children spend many hours under hot TV lights with cameras recording their most intimate moments. I worry about the long hours of filming and I worry about the impact of such notoriety on the children's self-esteem (i.e. teasing by their peers).

According to the neighbors in Elizabethtown, the TLC crew filmed many more hours than we were led to believe (sometimes 5 days a week for 8 hours, other times the TV lights were on way into the late night). That's why the show is being investigated.

I don't understand why anyone who cares about the welfare of these precious children would be upset with PP for taking an interest. We all want the best for them and to make certain that they grow up to be happy, stable, and responsible adults. Sadly to say, there are way too many examples where child actors were exploited leading to serious behavior and psychological problems. One needs only to look at Michael Jackson's life to know the dire consequences that can develop as the result of being raised in the limelight.

I am one of the many who choose not to watch this show anymore and hope for its demise. I think these children have enough issues in their lives with the breakup of their parent's marriage and just growing up as a member of a multiple that they don’t need their lives on display for the world to watch. They deserve privacy.

iwhyawli said...

Well-respected by whom? You? You're identifying yourself on the internet in a matter in which you allege child abuse is occurring by the name 'sassypaws'. Not exactly a name or concern that screams 'respect me'.

Last I checked Paul Petersen is lobbying for the appointment of legal guardians to intervene on financial matters between parent and their children. Well, I'd like to intervene in the financial matters between you and your children. What jurisdiction do you live in so that I can subpoena the court? On what basis, you ask? Oh, hmmnm, let's see, I'm sure I can come up with something you do that doesn't sit well with me. Please hurry with your reply. I'm just dying to call you a child abuser. And be sure to include why you don't love your children so I can post it on the Internet. Chop chop.

By the way, who guards the guardian? Will we need a guardian of the guardian who guards the children. And someone to guard that guardian? Who's paying for all this guardianship? Oh yeah, Paul lives in California so it's probably me, the taxpayer. Surely, it's not the 5 year old tups who are writing checking ans managing the payroll, right?

Last I checked, there's a presumption of innocence in this country. If you and Paul Petersen have been injured by your parents, hire a shrink and leave the rest of America's household out of it.

All your worries about the impact on the children's self-esteem and teasing by their peers have been addressed in umpteen billion other threads at this site. In short, we've pretty much concluded that it's people like YOU who have no self-esteem that are raising kids who tease and bully other kids. Perhaps Paul Petersen should lobby for guardianship of your kids. Yeah, that's the ticket. Where do I sign up for that crusade?

If, as you say, the children deserve privacy, I suggest you haul you bad self over to GWOP where the saps over there are waiting in line to buy the next issue of any tabloid featuring the Gosselin. Who do you think is feeding this media frenzy? Answer: the GWOPPERS and their ilk. And who do you think started it? Answer: Jodi Kreider and her lame-brain sister, Julie Kamauf Daugherty.

Up with Sheeple said...

Sassypaws, child advocate.

It's just too funny.